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Cas Series

S9 E04

S9 E4 (8 Oct 94) : Chasing the Dragon by Rob Gittins

Episode Summary

An edgy Rachel returns to work after last episode’s incident with Marian and becomes snappy when colleagues ask how she is.

Kate gossips to Ash about Mike’s marriage problems; Ash is annoyed that in his absence, Charlie hadn’t told him – feeling it’s a staff issue that he should have been aware of. But Mike later tells him anyway.

Jude catches Matt showing an interest in a student nurse, Claire. ‘He’s arrogant, opinionated, sexist, what does she see in him?’ Jude tells a colleague. Matt overhears and quips ‘Careful Jude, you’re beginning to sound jealous!’

While down in the deparment, Orthopaedic Registrar Glen Quinn, who is now married to [ID 283]Adam[/ID]’s ex-wife – warns him to stay away from her and his daughter, Jessica.

Teenagers Vicki and Karen have been sleeping rough under a motorway bridge, but winter is approaching and Karen is ill. They turn to Steph, who offers them a place to stay in return for working as prostitutes. It’s meant as a short term solution for the girls but to make them dependant on her, Steph injects them with heroin, planning to get them hooked. But on the streets, they both collapse. Back at Holby, Karen dies. Kate urges Vicki to report Steph, but seeing no alternative Vicki decides to go back with her. Rachel tells Kate all they can do is patch them up.

Alex Hopkins, who’s refusing to eat and drink, collapses at a bowling alley while out with work colleagues. His unsympathetic wife believes he has become a vegan, but he admits its because he found out he has a tumour which he was shielding from her.

Josh picks up an injured woman, Jane, from a bus station. She claims she has had a fall but Eddie discovers she has borrowed her husband’s beloved car and crashed it. She hopes to return it to the garage after a mechanic has fixed it, however she doesn’t expect her husband to arrive early and visit her in hospital. She watches as he reports it stolen to police and still keeps quiet after learning the police have arrested a mechanic.


* Alex Hopkins – tumour.

* Karen – dies from heroin overdose.

* Vicki Allen – sickness from heroin overdose.

* Jayne Bower – car crash injuries.

First Scene/ words

Under a motorway bridge;

Vicki : How you feeling?

Karen : Better

Vicki : Yeah, course you are (tramp tries to steal their milk) Get off will ya! I said get off!

Last Scene/ words

Outside hospital;

Vicki : You and Steph are the same really, aren’t you?

Kate : What?

Vicki : You both say you’re trying to help and you both say there are choices but there isn’t – help or choices, is there? (Vicki walks off and Rachel walks past Kate)

Rachel : Patch ’em up Kate, that’s all you can do

Notable Facts

* James Lailey plays Glen Quinn.

* Louisa Millwood-Haigh plays Vicki Allen.

* Sonya Kearns plays Karen.

* Ash tells off porter Oscar for doing a dance in the reception area.

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