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Cas Series

S9 E15

S9 E15 (21 Jan 95) : Learning Curve by Tony McHale

Episode Summary

Kate has phoned in sick and with Ash suspended, leaves Charlie short staffed. Jude and Eddie come in to work, after a night out. Adam argues with Emma on the phone, she later comes into A&E and tells him their relationship is over.

Graham Evans finds Matt outside, and gives him a friendly warning to not give evidence. Jude tells Matt to report it as intimidation.

Esther Clayton collapses on her way to school. Reluctant to stay, Mike discovers she has just had a baby. Jude tries to get her to open up, where she finally agrees to show them where the baby is. Esther takes Liz to the garden shed, where the baby is found sleeping peacefully. Esther’s parents, Elizabeth and John, are extremely religious; her father is furious and disowns Esther as a sinner and suggests his wife do the same. Charlie urges Elizabeth to stay, but she says she has to go to leaving Esther with the prospect of being taken into care.

Teenager, Ian Lester – who has just left A&E for a knife wound to his arm – decides to take his step father, Graham’s car and picks up his girlfriend, Charlotte, and two other boys, Mark and Paul. In the car, Mark assaults Charlotte, but in trying to stop him, Ian crashes the car. Graham is at first furious at the troublemaking teen, but after talking to Charlotte about how they came to crash, he tells him he is proud of him.

8 year old Craig is savagely attacked by a neigbour’s two dogs as he tries to retrieve his frisbee from the house. Determined to save her pets, the dog’s owner, Tracey, tries to make a deal with Craig’s grandmother; she won’t press charges against Craig if the grandmother will tell the police that the dogs have not really done any damage. Mike is disgusted at Tracey’s attitude.

After being frosty all shift, Mike apologises to Rachel and asks if they can be friends for the sake of a working relationship. Eddie and Jude go for the hair of a dog after work.


* Ian Lester – pneumothorax.

* Charlotte Harrison – arm injury.

* Paul Patterson – car crash injuries.

* Mark Crosby – car crash injuries.

* Esther Clayton – just had a baby.

* Craig Sturley – savaged by a dog.

First Words/ scene

Outside hospital;

Rachel : Hello, I hate getting to work when it’s still dark.

Charlie : I dunno, I’ve always quite liked nights.

Rachel : Yeah? (car pulls up and Eddie and Jude get out of car, looking like they’ve had a night out)

Last Words/ scene

Mike : But I know we’ve got to work together so can we atleast be friends if we can’t be anything else?

Rachel : Yeah ofcourse but that tie has got to go!

Mike (laughs) : Right, OK bye

Rachel : Bye

Notable Facts

* Colette Brown plays Emma Quinn.

* Lynda Rooke plays Jill Lester.

* Thomas Craig plays Graham Evans.

* Suzanne Maddock (The Bill) plays Charlotte Harrison.

* Celia Imrie plays Elizabeth Clayton.

* Sam Kelly plays John Clayton.

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