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Cas Series

S10 E15

S10 E15 (23 Dec 95) : Lost Boys by Ashley Pharoah

Episode Summary

Rachel goes to get her next patient and notices that it is Tim. There is nothing wrong with him, but he wants a chance to ask her if they could spend Christmas together. Rachel has other plans and looks like she would rather do anything than spend Christmas with him.

A man is at a Christmas party and trying to leave to get home in time, but the other people from his work are saying that they will not let him leave until everyone, including him, is drunk. He agrees to stay, but after a while he drives home. He has, however, had a few drinks too many and crashes into another car. The woman in the other car, Victoria Gower, gets seriously injured and is brought into A&E with severe abdominal and chest injuries and even though the team tries hard, they are unable to save her. Her parents get a real shock, especially seeing as they thought she was in Hong kong, or at least she had let them know that she was there.

Meanwhile, a minibus with choir boys are on their way from church, driving along the road where the road traffic accident has been. When coming to the scene, the driver loses control of the bus and they end up in the river. Father John manages to get everyone out of the vehicle and onto the river bank, everyone but Sam, one of the boys, who gets taken by the river. Everyone else is taken into A&E while Josh and Liz go to look after the boy. Eventually they find him, alive but cold and wet.

While trying to get the boys out of the mini bus, one of the policemen, Tony, hurts his wrist. Kate takes care of the wrist and Tony reveals to her that two years ago, on the day, her wife had died after a drink-driver had crashed into their car. Because of this he is upset by the accident, but Kate is being really nice and sympathetic. In the end Tony asks Kate out, but she then introduces her husband Trevor.

A ten-year-old boy walks into reception. He has cut his hands on some glass when falling over. However, this does not seem to be the only thing wrong with him. He is not saying a single word and behaving strangely, doing different kinds of noises etc and they suspect that he has Tourette’s syndrome. No one knows who he is, but in the end they found out that he is Oscar, a boy who has run away from a children’s home because they other children were being mean to him. When they come to pick him up, he has disappeared again. In the end Father John finds him and they end up on the roof of the hospital, enjoying the view of the city and when John wishes Oscar Merry Christmas, Oscar, for the first time that day, opens his mouth to wish John Merry Christmas.

Baz has had some tests, but according to Mike they show that she only has got a bit of anemia, so she is fine, albeit tired. Mike then asks if there could be a chance of her being pregnant and says she should think of the symptoms, which leaves Baz looking pretty shocked. We can see Baz sitting in her office, having had a pregnancy test, and suddenly starting to cry and she is less than pleased when Charlie comes to work with his girlfriend Zoe. Later on Rachel goes to drop some files to Baz’s office and cannot help but notice the pregnancy test on the desk. She tells Baz about this and asks if she has told Peter yet. Baz says that she has not and that Peter will be surprised, seeing as he cannot have children.

After the shift, the staff go to a Christmas party, arranged by Laura Milburn. Everyone seems to be more or less enjoying their time and Laura and Ash finally let everyone know that they are a couple. Peter is there as well, but Baz seems to be more interested in Charlie, even though he is there with Zoe. Daniel is not that happy either and he tells Jude that he does not know if he will tell his parents about how badly it is going for him as an SHO before or after Christmas dinner.


* Victoria Gower, young woman who gets into an RTA, severe abdominal and chest injuries

* Drink-driver who causes road accident, cut in his face

* Sam, a choir boy who gets taken by the river, hypothermia

* Tony, policeman from the RTA, injured wrist

* Oscar, an orphan with Tourette’s syndrome, has fallen over and cut his hands on some glass

First Scene/words

A choir with young boys is singing Christmas carols in church.

Last Scene/words

Father John and Oscar are standing at the top of the hospital, looking at the wonderful view with all the lights from the city.

Father John: I’ve spent so much time worrying about God I forgot all this. I was so wrapped up in myself, I forgot about people. We’ll better get you back soon, they’ll be worrying about you. Merry Christmas.

Oscar: Me-erry Christmas.

Oscar starts laughing and Father John joins in.

Notable Facts

Baz is pregnant.

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