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Cas Series

3.06 A Quiet Night – 14/10/88

S3 E6 (14 Oct 88) : A Quiet Night by David Ashton

Episode Summary

Megan is back at work, after taking time off. She is annoyed Ewart’s funeral was for family only. Valerie tells Charlie that the Board have arranged a memorial service for him next month. Valerie shadows the night shift.

A rugby player, Jeffrey Holt, comes in with his friend, after his nose is bleeding from a match.

A sewage worker, Mr Smithson, who has slipped and dislocated his shoulder arrives – David has trouble getting it back in place.

And a woman, Mrs Woods comes in with a mysterious rash. Megan discovers her husband has died – and is still in the house.

Cyril finds two of David’s hockey sticks in the staffroom, he and Charlie play with them in the corridor, with an ashtray as a puck. David is furious, then challenges Cyril to a game.

Two school minibuses, packed with pupils collide, after one swerves to avoid a car – containing Alec Carter, who was on his way to A&E after cutting his hand on a tractor. Alec’s car bursts into flames, there is no hope for him. Cyril and David are called out, while the team, including a Dr Saxam (an SHO from Orthopedics) treat the many injured. One of the minibuses includes Mr Gordon – who dies at the scene; Kevin who is brought in and dies in CRASH, Cassie who suffers a broken femur and Steve, who’s suffering from shock. The other minibus’ passengers have lesser injuries, including Chad, the moonlighting driver, who hyperventilates after feeling guilty for the crash.

Kate, Alec’s partner, rings Sadie, as she doesn’t know where he is. Sadie suggests phoning the police, she realises he is the dead driver of the car. Meanwhile, Charlie telephones all the parents.


* Jeffrey Holt – rugby player, with bleeding nose.

* Mr Smithson – sewage worker who slips and dislocates shoulder.

* Mrs Woods – has a rash. Megan discovers her husband has been dead at home for some time. She discharges herself.

* Alec Carter – cuts hand on a tractor, as he travels to A&E, he collides with minibus – car bursts into flames and he dies instantly.

Many injured from minibuses including;

* Mr Gordon – teacher driver, dies.

* Kevin Johnstone – teenager dies in CRASH.

* Cassie – 17 years old, broken femur.

* Steve – shock

* Chad – other driver, hyperventilating from stress and guilt.

* Jenny Richardson – shock.

* Ronnie – facial injuries.

First Scene/words


Megan : Charlie, what are you doing here?

Charlie : I was just passing by and thought I’d find out who was using the 14.33 from Chatham Heath – now I know, how are you?

Last Scene/words

Valerie : Mr and Mrs Johnstone are in reception, they want to see their son, Kevin.

(Charlie shows recognition, that Kevin is dead)

Dr Saxam: How’s life Charlie?

Charlie : Not bad considering the alternative

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