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Cas Series

S21 E25

S21 E25 (17 Feb 07) : The Miracle on Harry’s Last Shift by Mark Catley

Episode Summary

Alice has made a big sign for reception, announcing the saving of the department. It’s Harry’s last shift but he’s determined that no fuss be made, but Nathan slips up when he arranges a speech infront of everyone. Meanwhile staff suggest a ‘buddah day’ in his honour – an attempt to not have any deaths on that shift.

New paramedic Jeff starts his first shift with Dixie. The pair get off on the wrong foot but eventually Dixie (who admits she is gay) starts to understand Jeff’s humour and he proves his prowess as a paramedic.

Jonty, the leader of a vicious gang that is terrorising a community in Holby drives into an old lady, Mary, in the street. Harry uses his new position as a politician to pull strings for her treatment.

Jonty’s girlfriend, Tracey, suffers a shoulder injury and goes to the ED to be treated, where she also suffers a miscarriage. She confides in Selena that she is too scared to leave Jonty and would rather be with her ex, Alan.

Meanwhile Alan is determined to seek revenge on people causing a disruptance in the community; he punches a noisy neighbour, David, dumps a boy in a bin and ties up some other lads who are injuring a dog – however one boy is more seriously harmed due to being an epileptic.

Jeff and Dixie try to break up a fight between Jonty and Alan outside the hospital however Alan is stabbed in the back and the team are unable to save him. However having earlier set a trap in a house where Jonty later breaks into – a shot is fired into Jonty’s face.

Selena gives Harry the push for him to embrace his new job and the staff are able to give him the send off he deserves. Later in their office – the pair share a passionate embrace and a jealous Nathan walking past, witnesses their kiss.

Abs notices the attraction between Greg and Cyd and tells Greg he should make a move. Greg tells him he’s not long out of an intense relationship but Abs tells him he should move on. Having been roped into a testicular cancer project for students, Greg, wearing just his boxers, plucks up the courage to ask Cyd out and they kiss.


* Alan Jessup – dies after being stabbed.

* Mary – hit by car, schizophrenic.

* David Fish – attacked.

* Epileptic boy.

Notable Facts

* Ramon Tikaram plays Jonty Jones.

* Kenny Baker plays Charles Isaac.

* The staff gives Harry a hospital sign as a present, signed by all of them.

* ‘What’s wrong with being a princess?’ Jeff asks Dixie, annoyed with his references.

* After learning Dixie is gay, Jeff says ‘I don’t have a problem with who you do!’

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