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Cas Series

S12 E04

S12E4S12 E4 (27 Sep 97) : What Friends Are For by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

Kate has money problems and her anxiety spills over into work. Richard and George clash over patients, and Jack advises Richard to take it easy because of his MS.

Teenager Zeph, in with a slashed face, boasts of gang violence in Holby. When his grandmother turns up, it emerges that Zeph’s real name is Godfrey and he isn’t as streetwise as he pretends.

A young couple are at their wits’ end with their crying baby. They fight and the woman is injured. At hospital it comes out that they have been attacking eachother for some time and the relationship is at an end.

Instead of looking after her friend’s young son, a woman scores some ‘smack’ and the boy is knocked over by a cyclist. The boy survives but the firendship is sorely tested.

Feeling ill and not wishing to tell anyone about his MS, Richard stands George up for a promised drink. Mark happily takes his place.

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