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HC Past Series

7.47 View from the Side Line – 6/9/05

Episode Summary

Early on in the shift, Michael takes Chrissie aside and unconvincingly says they should forget what happened before. Later he asks a shocked Lisa to step down as clinical matron over the MRSA incident and offers the position to Chrissie – they then kiss again.

Elsewhere, Mubbs wakes up in Andy’s bed after a drunken night out. He’s worried as he can’t remember much about the night before. Mubbs tries to charm Andy into giving him the consultant job by flirting with him, but he’s dismayed when Andy sees through his facade. Mubbs and Lisa drown their sorrows together and Mubbs invites himself back to Lisa’s flat.

Chrissie and Mark are both giving Tricia the cold shoulder after recent events – Mark returns her house keys and any chance at rekindling their romance is over. Lisa tells Tricia it was too late to cancel the paternity test results. Lisa persuades her to find out the truth. Tricia opens the results and pretends to Lisa that everything is fine and Mark is Chrissie’s dad, but when Lisa leaves the room – Tricia’s face turns to horror as we are shown that it is Frank who is infact the real father.

A man, Jed, is brought in with heart palpitations. He is found to suffer a genetic condition called HOCM, which can also affect his children. Jed reveals he has a son but disappeared from his family a long time ago, faking his own death. Tricia persuades him to let them bring his son, Jamie, in for tests, if they make sure he doesn’t know he is there. Jamie is at first confused when he is asked to come in. But after a fire alarm – Jamie comes face to face with his father. Although tests show he does not have the condition, it seems their relationship cannot be salvaged either.

Pregnant Claire, who is training to be a nun, is brought in with abdomen pains. Sister Julie comes to visit her and is shocked at the news and says this will ruin her chances at becoming a nun. Claire is upset by this and doesn’t want to keep the baby – but Julie tells her she now has a new duty. Claire has an ovarian cyst causing her pain and they end up giving her a c-section, delivering a baby girl.

A patient, Dave, is brought in after having a lump removed. Lisa finds him smoking in the toilets which has caused the fire alarm.


* Jed Ronson – HOCM condition. Has corrective surgery.

* Jamie Ronson – brought in for tests.

* Clare Given – ovarian cyst. C-Section to deliver baby.

* Dave Rudge – lump removed.

Notable Facts

* Ace Bhatti plays Andy Fishman.

* Donna says to Mickie ‘Never though they’d get rid of the old bat that quickly!’ referring to Connie’s resignation, unaware she was in ear-shot. Connie retorts ‘Sad to disappoint but the old bat has to work out her notice!’

* Donna says of Andy ‘He can come for dinner and stay for breakfast!’ – Mickie tells her he’s gay.

* Mickie warns Mubbs for playing games with Andy ‘What’s next Mubbs – gay pride?’

* Poorly attempting to console Lisa after her demotion, Donna says ‘You did let the power go to your head though.’

* Fed up after her demotion, Lisa is knocking back drinks in the bar ‘I’m fed up of being sensible Lisa!’

* Mark gives Tricia back her keys adding ‘It was worth a try wasn’t it?’


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