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HC Past Series

S6 E47

Episode Summary

Due to a stressful day at work, Owen declines Diane’s offer of an evening together. She feels neglected and tells him he should be spending as much time with baby Jack as possible because they may lose him after the custody hearing. A patient, however, makes Owen realise what is important. Rachel Warren is a pregnant woman, who is brought in after a house fire. She has severe burns on her arms and chest and when taken into surgery to release the pressure on her chest, they are not able to save the baby. Rachel is upset to find out about this, especially since they three years earlier lost a baby due to cot death and she feels that everyone blames her for it. Before Rachel’s husband has the chance to talk to her and let her know that he does not blame her for anything, they realise that Rachel is suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome and there is no hope for her to make it. Upset by the case Owen realises his priorities – he tells Diane he loves her and asks her to move in with him..

Mickie still wants to go to medical school and asks Will to help with her application. However, her confidence is dealt a blow when Mubbs points out her inexperience after Mickie has had trouble dealing with a patient, Emma Winchester, who gives birth to a boy, but afterwards starts bleeding because of fibroids. Mickie gets further trouble when she finds out that a baby has gone missing. The father of Emma’s child is upset because Emma does not seem to want him in her life, saying that she cannot trust him after he walked out on her when she found out she was pregnant. He tries to take the baby, but mistakenly gets the wrong child. Mickie, however, quickly realises what is going on and Mubbs soon finds him and the baby. Feeling that she is not up to it, Mickie bins her application and tells Will she does not know whether she will still apply. Donna seems pleased to hear that Mickie might not be applying: she has been worrying that if Mickie becomes a doctor she will end up the same as Will and that Mickie would not want to spend time with nurses like her anymore.

Will is in trouble once again. He takes Kym Piper, a middle aged woman, into surgery because of a chest empyema, without finding out that she has silicon implants. They have to interrupt surgery to ask her for permission to remove them and Will blames it on the nurses, saying that it is their job to do the talking. Will also tells tha patient’s husband about the implants, upsetting her because she has been trying to hide from him that she is getting older, afraid that he might leave her for a younger woman, like he has done before. She seems to have been right to suspect that, but eventually he returns and they talk things through.

Jess tells Donna that she has a crush on an older man. Donna realises that it is Zubin and teases her but Jess begs her not to tell anyone. Later, Donna tells Mickie but asks her to keep the news a secret. Donna is having trouble with money and is working double shifts, because Lisa is not keen on having her as a housemate anymore and wants her to move out.

Meanwhile, Tricia is on cloud nine after her kiss with Carlos and the couple flirt all day, annoying Chrissie by doing so.


Rachel Warren, 26 weeks pregnant, dies after injuries from a house fire

Kym Piper, difficulty breathing because of an empyema in the chest

Emma Winchester, gives birth

First Scene/words

Mubbs: Don’t beat yourself up. You did all you could.

Owen: Spare me the cliché, love.

Mubbs: There’s nothing more we could’ve done.

Owen: No. After all it’s just another baby, isn’t it?

Mubbs: You know what I mean.

Owen: Yeah, move on to the next customer.

Last Scene/words

Owen: Look, I know I’m not perfect and I’m never gonna be what you want me to be. At the end of the day, I love you. Isn’t that what matters?

Diane: [laughs] What?

Owen: I love you.

Diane: Oh, oh, you’ve had a bad day.

Owen: Don’t joke. I mean it. I just wanna be there for you and Jack. You said before, we don’t know how long we’ve got with him. Or each other. I don’t wanna waste more time. I want you to move in with me. Move in with me, please.

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