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Cas Series

S10 E01

S10E1S10 E1 (16 Sep 95) : Family Values by Lisa Evans

Episode Summary

Mike and Rachel attend the wounded when a poorly built atletics stand collapses, injuring among many others Jake, the builders’ son; Duncan, an insecure fat boy whom Jake has been encouraging to try athletics; and Kelly, a young girl living with foster parents.

Duncan dies, and Jake has a abadly injured leg – he may never be able to run again but, he tells his father, he will never join the family business. Baz diagnoses Kelly with severe spinal injuries. Kelly’s real mother turns up at the hospital, but she decides to stay with her foster parents.

Baz is offered the post of Senior Registrar, but is unsure whether to take it. Meanwhile Charlie is feeling frustrated with their affair. Mike tells Rachel he is coming back to Holby permanently, but she is uninterested. In the middle of all this, new SHO Daniel Perryman starts at Holby A&E.

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