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Cas Series

S21 E47

S21 E47 (28 Jul 07) : Seize the Day by Tom Lisle

Episode Summary

Harry decides to pay a visit to the department before his visit with the health minister to ensure the hospital is running smoothly whilst Stitch decides to take cover by heading on a shout with Dixie and Cyd. Selena is unprepared at Harry’s surprise visit whilst Nathan decides to tell him of Selena’s recent abortion.

Despite being tempted to call his dealer, Guppy is determined to steer clear of cocaine. Meanwhile, a couple called Tom and Lowri are rushed to hospital after a suicide attempt. Lowri has been suffering from a brain tumour and has tried to take her own life by filling her car with fumes.

When Stitch realises that Tom tried to stop the suicide, he is rude and dismissive. Guppy tries to comfort him, but returns to the wards to find that Stitch has stopped attempts to revive her. With Lowri dead, Stitch has a dig at Tom for causing her unnecessary pain by intervening and calling for an ambulance.

Later, Guppy arrives at Tom’s house and is shocked to find that he has hanged himself in the barn. Despite desperate attempts to revive him in resus, Tom is declared dead and Guppy has an argument with Stitch about the incident. Everyone turns on Stitch, and Maggie asks him what happened to his feelings. Harry is concerned for his protégé Guppy but is brushed off and an upset, Guppy rings his dealer for more cocaine. Whilst a lonely Stitch goes back to his apartment to take more drugs, clearly affected by Maggie’s words.

Elsewhere, Selena is having a bad day dealing with two bickering sisters, Emma and Katie, who have been in a car accident. Selena blows up at them but, before Harry can take her aside, Katie collapses from a head injury. Together, Harry and Selena work to save her life.

Later Harry speaks to Selena about the abortion and she confesses that she didn’t go through with it.


* Lowri Dart – dies after committing suicide. Also had a terminal brain tumour.

* Tom Dart – dies after hanging himself.

* Emma Middleton – glass in arm.

* Katie Ashley – head injury.

Notable Facts

* Alex Ferns plays Tom Dart.

* ‘He was so your idea!’ Maggie says to Nathan about Stitch.

* ‘You’ve been behaving like a tosser all day!’ Dixie tells Stitch in resus.

* ‘There must be some feeling inside that skin of yours’ Maggie tells Stitch.

* Stitch attempts to call Maggie whilst at home, ‘Maggie.. it’s Theo’ he says. When she fails to realise who it is straight away, he puts the phone down. When she tries to call back, realising it’s Stitch, it’s too late – he doesn’t answer and decides to take more drugs.

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