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Cas Series

> Series 15

16/9/00 – 28/4/01

Episode Listing

  • S15 E1 (16 Sep 00) : Phoenix by Ben Cooper
  • S15 E2 (23 Sep 00) : Accidents Happen by Jeff Povey
  • S15 E3 (30 Sep 00) : Getting to Know You by Simon Moss
  • S15 E4 (7 Oct 00) : Too Tight to Mention by Suzie Smith
  • S15 E5 (14 Oct 00) : Choked (Part 1) by Katharine Way
  • S15 E6 (15 Oct 00) : Choked (Part 2) by Katharine Way
  • S15 E7 (21 Oct 00) : Travelling Light by Katharine Way
  • S15 E8 (22 Oct 00) : Sympathy for the Devil by Len Collin
  • S15 E9 (28 Oct 00) : No More Mr Nice Guy by Chris Jury
  • S15 E10 (4 Nov 00) : States of Shock by Susan Boyd
  • S15 E11 (11 Nov 00) : Marking Time by Len Collin
  • S15 E12 (18 Nov 00) : Starting Over by Katherine Smith
  • S15 E13 (25 Nov 00) : If You Go Down to the Wards Today by Jeff Povey
  • S15 E14 (2 Dec 00) : Coming Clean by Patrick Melanaphy
  • S15 E15 (9 Dec 00) : Chinese Whispers by Clive Dawson
  • S15 E16 (16 Dec 00) : A Turn of the Scrooge by Simon Moss
  • S15 E17 (23 Dec 00) : Merry Christmas Dr Spiller by Jeff Povey
  • S15 E18 (30 Dec 00) : Epiphany by Suzie Smith
  • S15 E19 (6 Jan 01) : On the Edge by Carolyn Sally Jones
  • S15 E20 (13 Jan 01) : Girl Power by Matthew Leys
  • S15 E21 (20 Jan 01) : Heart of Gold by Ben Cooper
  • S15 E22 (27 Jan 01) : Better Safe Than Sorry by Chris Jury
  • S15 E23 (2 Feb 01) : Something from the Heart by Graham Mitchell
  • S15 E24 (3 Feb 01) : Big Mistake by Patrick Melanaphy
  • S15 E25 (10 Feb 01) : Ambulance Chaser by Len Collin
  • S15 E26 (17 Feb 01) : Scent of the Roses by Susan Boyd
  • S15 E27 (24 Feb 01) : Breaking Point by Isabelle Grey
  • S15 E28 (3 Mar 01) : Lost and Found by Simon Moss
  • S15 E29 (10 Mar 01) : Kindness of Strangers by Suzie Smith
  • S15 E30 (17 Mar 01) : Only You by Chris Ould
  • S15 E31 (24 Mar 01) : Allied Forces by Katherine Smith
  • S15 E32 (31 Mar 01) : Heroes and Villains by Carolyn Sally Jones
  • S15 E33 (7 Apr 01) : The Long Road Home by Jeff Povey
  • S15 E34 (14 Apr 01) : Mix and Match by Chris Webb
  • S15 E35 (21 Apr 01) : Breaking the Spell (Part 1) by Katharine Way
  • S15 E36 (28 Apr 01) : Breaking the Spell (Part 2) by Katharine Way


Alexei de Keyser continued as Producer for Series 15, as this season also saw another increase to 36 episodes. This included two more 2-part episodes; one of which was ‘Choked’ that featured Casualty’s first gay wedding and ending in Adam’s exit. Although the show did cause some controversy, Pal Aron was delighted at his exit scenes, ‘We think this is the first time a gay wedding has been shown on primetime TV so it’s real ground-breaking stuff.’

Last series left us with a cliffhanger, after Charlie was left collapsed in the hospital toilets. Viewers were pleased to discover after suffering a pulmonary embolism, he was back on his feet. He rediscovers a love for his job but also has to cope with his son’s move to Canada with Baz. There was also a new look for Charlie; gone was his trademark white coat replaced by new dark blue scrubs.

New cast members, as ever, also arrived; including nurse Colette Kierney, anaethestist Tom Harvey and manager Dan Robinson. Spencer, who had a minor role as an alcoholic in the previous series manages to get a job as a porter. Plus paramedics Fin Newton and Melanie Dyson make a bigger impact this series. Receptionist Jack Vincent and student nurse Anna Paul also arrived later in the series. As does Duffy’s husband– her rocky marriage to Andrew leads to an unexpected pregnancy.

There were some notable episodes this series, including two specials; ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ which focused just on the paramedics. ‘We’ve been wanting to experiment with the formula for a long time. Casualty’s been going for 15 years and we wanted to be more adventurous. I always felt more could be done.’ Not all went to plan however, Twiggy was planned to guest star in the episode but fell ill and had to be replaced. Other special was ‘Something from the Heart’ which featured a hotel explosion and guest starred Marina Sirtis.

The Christmas episode ‘Merry Christmas Dr Spiller’ was also popular with viewers which focused on key characters Holly and Patrick. The episode was filmed on a cold location site with fake snow aplenty.

One of the main storylines that hit Casualty this series was the whodunnit stalker storyline of Holly Miles. Constantly been watched, with her flat being broken into, things came to a head and it was discovered that anaesthetist Tom Harvey was her stalker. In the dramatic two-part last episode, ‘Breaking the Spell’, Tom had kidnapped Holly. As the men rushed to find her; Andrew was pushed by Tom down some steps leading to his death and Charlie has to face telling a heavily pregnant Duffy the news. Dan chased Tom to a building top, where Tom then fell to his death. While Patrick resusiciated Holly and Robbie Wiliams ‘Angels’ played appropriately, Holly woke and Patrick cuddled her in his arms.

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