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Cas Series

6.07 Beggars Can’t Be Choosers – 18/10/91

s6e7S6 E7 (18 Oct 91) : Beggars Can’t Be Choosers by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

A man, Robert Carrington, suffering from renal colic, is refused a bed by Med Reg Funmi Akinuli, much to the annoyance of Beth, and he is sent home in a taxi. Later he is rushed back in by his angry wife, Jan, who found him, and is diagnosed with septicemia.

Teenage drug addict, Chris, overdoses on temazepan, while with his mates in a warehouse. But when he falls unconscious they run off, however his young brother, Sean, followed them there and calls the alarm to his father. His supplier turns out to be his Aunt Grace, who believed they were harmless as her GP prescribed them for her. Julian warns his parents, Yvonne and Ted, of the risks of hepatitis and Aids. Later on, Grace is brought in after being severely beaten up – it turns out to be Ted’s doing.

Theresa Jackson brings in five month old baby, ‘Mia’, who has a chest infection. Duffy is convinced something strange is going on as Theresa is very anxious. While in a cubicle with Kelly, she runs off with the baby, Kelly and Beth give chase and get her to hand Mia over. Duffy talks to Theresa and discovers she is not the baby’s mother, she is her babysitter – her real baby ‘Mia’ died of hooping cough. Trish is called in and Charlie is annoyed that the police have to be involved and she should have been offered more support.

A confused old woman is brought in, Norma discovers throughout the shift she has stolen items including a mobile phone.

Kelly is late for her shift and Duffy warns her yet again. Beth finds out the negligence case is being dropped because they can’t afford it. Relieved, she breaks down and Charlie cuddles her.

Julian is in a happy mood, we find out her has got the Consultancy job, not everyone is as pleased, except Norma. Jimmy has packed in his first aid course and we are introduced to Duffy’s rich boyfriend, Paul.


* Chris Miller – teenage drug addict overdoses on temazepan.

* Grace Harper – Aunt of Chris, beaten up by Chris’s father for supplying the drug.

* Baby ‘Mia’ – kidnapped by Theresa, has chest infection.

* Robert Carrington – 43 year old with renal colic, discharged and brought in again with septicemia.

First Scene/words

The waiting time board shows a 4 hour wait;

Man : (on phone) What do you mean you’re too busy – I’m your partner, I’m not a customer (mumbles of conversation)

Woman : Do you think they’ve forgotten us? I’m going to find out…

Last Scene/words

CRASH, Grace is brought in;

Josh : Severely beaten up, head and chest injuries, fractured humorous, arrested en route but we got her going, but she is arrested again (Yvonne looks at Ted shocked)

Ash : Come on!

Julian : Call the CRASH team Ash.

Ash : Right.

Beth : Here we go…

Notable Facts

* Edna Dore plays Grace Harper

* Porter extra ‘Oscar’ speaks his first line in this episode.

* Julian is having a celebration at Tapper’s Bar

* Kelly is on sleeping pills

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