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Cas Series

S18 E37

S18 E37 (29 May 04) : World Gone Wrong (Part 1) by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Nikki, Josh and Lara are caught up in a robbery at a jewellers. Nikki and Lara are held hostage in the ambulance, which the gunmen use to escape, but police give chase after Nikki hits the panic button. The robbers warn them to back off, or they will harm the girls, and they drive to a car park with the aim of stealing another vehicle to fool the police. Suddenly, a figure falls from the roof of the second-storey car park.

Simon is finding it hard to give up the drugs and is tired and irritable at work. He makes an error with a patient and owns up, asking the patient not to report him. Lara is finding it difficult to help Simon and confides in Abs that she does not know if she can go through it alone. Abs recommends that Simon get professional help but Lara knows he will never agree to this.

Harry is horrified when he returns to work to discover that the nurses are on strike. Although he manages to put the doctors’ rota back to normal, Charlie feels betrayed and writes his resignation letter.Fin takes Comfort to a surprise picnic in a secluded spot. They enjoy a romantic lunch together but Comfort has no idea of his real intentions. When he tells her to look in amongst the picnic items, she finds a ring with a note that reads ‘marry me’.

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