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Cas Series

S20 E46

S20 E46 (19 Aug 06) : Last Orders by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Nina tells Abs that their relationship is over and he gets the wrong impression when he sees Greg comforting her.

Two men, elderly Tom and his friend Jerry work on a boat. However when Tom collapses, their boss calls for an ambulance. Jerry is adamant that Tom wouldn’t want to be taken to hospital however Greg and Nina take him in anyway. Jerry later confides in Nina that Tom knows he is seriously ill and would rather be at sea than stuck in a hospital bed. Nina breaks the rules again by helping Tom to leave. When Josh confronts her, she assumes she is in trouble for this however he tells her she is suspended following her assault on a former patient, pending an investigation. She is shocked, as she was only trying to defend Comfort.

Meanwhile, Guppy and Kelsey wake up naked in bed together. He has no idea what happened and she teases him at work before later telling him nothing happened between them apart from a snog.

Elsewhere, Tess is devastated when Sam tells her he’s moved out and Mike says he wants a divorce. She visits a bar to drown her sorrows and returns to work, tipsy, where Abs tries to cover for her.

Ellen is terrified about receiving her HCG results. Harry speeds the process up and reveals she is all clear. She is overjoyed and they announce her news in the staffroom.

Kelsey treats a young girl, Bonnie, on summer camp who is feeling sick and has dizzy spells. She claims her Brown Owl has magic powers and when they find her with ‘invisibility patches’ on her arms which are infact nicotine patches, they realise how she came to be ill.

Louise crashes her car after having a few drinks. Having just proposed to her girlfriend, Gayle, who is worried about her excess drinking. Tests show she has early signs of liver failure.


* Tom – possible cancer.

* Bonnie – sick and dizzy spells from wearing nicotine patches.

* Louise – early signs of liver failure.

Notable Facts

* Louis Emerick plays Mike Bateman.

* Richard Harrington plays Jerry Goater.

* When Abs tries to confront Nina following the argument, she says ‘I’m just trying to make a clean break’.

* Trying to wind up Guppy about the night before, she says ‘Do you want the blow by blow account or the executive journey?’

* Nina confesses to Tess about her split with Abs. ‘He’s lovely. I’m bored, Tess’. Tess replies ‘You should hold on to the things you love’. But Nina adds ‘I don’t love him’.

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