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1.07 Professionals – 18/10/86

s1e7S1 E7 (18 Oct 86) : Professionals by Susan Wilkins

Episode Summary

Charlie goes to see Baz’s flat after their night shift – they end up in bed together. Again, she says to him, she can’t commit to a relationship. Charlie discovers at work, she has been taking ‘speed’ to keep her awake at night, and criticises her for taking them.

A woman, Julia, is raped and assaulted, comes in with her young son, Edward. Charlie discovers the boy has also been sexually abused. His architect father, Philip, an old friend of Mr Thalton, turns up and is interviewed by Charlie and Clive, they all believe he is guilty, apart from Thalton.

An alcoholic tramp, Mrs Cook, who has hurt her ankle, infests the department with fleas. The staff are left scratching for the rest of the shift.

Mr McFarlen comes in with abdomen pains, Baz calls Thalton down on Clive’s recommendation, as she hasn’t had time to look at him herself. But Thalton is annoyed, when he wasn’t needed, as his ulcer was not perforated and didn’t need operating.

An asthmatic boy is taken to CRASH, Charlie discovers a tension pneumothorax – Baz hasn’t seen one before and panics, as she can’t find what lung it is. Charlie calls Dr Claire Wainwright down, who performs the task, and warns Baz on her behaviour.

Ewart is dazzled by the glamorous boss, Rose Sherman, of the new hospital cleaning company, who offers him a new deal, but the rest of the staff are angry towards her when she sacks long serving cleaner, Millie Benson.

Megan discovers she has cervical cancer and needs a hysterectomy. She can’t tell her husband, Ted, but talks it through with Ewart. At the end of shift, there is a punch up in reception, a window is smashed. Charlie tries to stop the incident, whereas Duffy ends up with a split lip, and ponders why she is in her job.


* Julia Blair – raped and assaulted by her husband, Philip, she has a fractured skull. Her son, Edward, has also been abused.

* Mrs Cook – drunk alcoholic tramp, with a hurt ankle – infest the department with fleas.

* Mr McFarlen – abdomen pains and sickness due to an ulcer in his stomach.

* Asthmatic boy with tension pneumothorax.

First Scene/words

The Blair’s house; Julia runs into son’s bedroom, she searches for the keys in his drawers, as the footsteps get closer, she finally finds keys and locks door – we then see Baz and Charlie at Holby, after their shift.

Charlie : Mmm – the smell of lead in the morning air, nothing can beat it!

Baz : 12 hour shifts with no breaks should be against the law.

Charlie : Probably are.

Last Scene/words

Two men are fighting in reception, and smash a window, Charlie tries to stop them, Duffy has a cut lip.

Duffy : I really have had enough of this place!

Susie : You don’t mean that.

Duffy : Yes I do, gonna get myself a job in one of those agencies – rich geriatrics, lots of money…

Susie : You’d get bored.

Duffy : Oh yeah, no lice, no punch ups, I could put up with that.

Notable Facts

* Rumours of Baz and Charlie are going round; Megan sees them both leave together in Baz’s car and Susie sees them arrive together the next shift.

* Baz lives in her Aunt’s flat, rent free, as her Aunt lives in Italy.

Screencaps : S1 E7

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