S11 E05

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s11e5S11 E5 (12 Oct 96) : Waterwings by Simon Stirling

Episode Summary

Chemical additives accidentally spill as they are delivered to a swimming pool, causing toxic fumes. Disabled swimmers are rushed to casualty. A worker delivering the chemicals is also affected. Some students bounding around the department and annoying Charlie become much less ebullient as they witness the man’s death.

Josh and Liz have a violent drug addict in their ambulance, picked up together with his more sensible brother and an unconscious tramp. Josh alerts the police as he searches for drugs. Back at Holby, staff suggest to the brother that he seek professional help to deal with the addict’s drug problem.

Gloria’s landlord turns up at Holby with her packed suitcases, advising her never to return. It turns out that she had once had a brief fling with him. Meanwhile, Richard experiences some problems with blurred vision.

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