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HC Past Series

S6 E05

s6e5S6 E5 (4 Nov 03) : Know When to Fold by Paul Coates

Episode Summary

The episode begins with Jess preparing to work on her new placement in ITU. She is initially very intimidated be Zubin, and worries he thinks she is incompetent. Lisa attempts to reassure her, as they admit a young man suffering from concussion, who appears to have been badly beaten. As the two nurses gossip, it becomes apparent that Lisa is convinced of Nic’s innocence. She persuades Jess to go and visit Nic in prison with Kelly. Jess is very reluctant to do so, claiming, “but we only snogged!” , but decides to offer Kelly some moral support anyway.

Ric and Diane are beginning their ward round, but Ric is looking slightly worse for wear. Diane comments: “You look like you’ve slept in your clothes!” . Ric is clearly finding it very difficult to cope with his financial situation. They go to see their new patient, Alicia, who has been admitted with sever abdominal cramping. Her father informs an very interested Ric that he runs a gambling business. Diane warns Ric not to get involved, but Kath quickly approaches, and reveals she knows his flat is being repossessed. Ric denies all, and insists he wanted to sell up, but the two ladies exchange knowing looks. Ric dashes off to his office in a panic, and gambles £1000 with Alicia’s father’s business.

Rosie is also looking a little under the weather after yesterday’s party, and when Mubbs sees her taking painkillers, he cordially greets her with: “Don’t do it, Rosie – no man’s worth it…..not even me!”She brushes him off, but he continues to joke about not going into her’s for coffee the night before. She snaps at him, and orders him “to give the lady’s man routine a break!”. She is obviously still hurt from his rejection! The pair go off to treat Toni – a lady who has suffered multiple miscarriages, and is now here for an ultrasound scan.

Jess pops into Ric’s office to say hello, but he is in no mood for pleasantries, and snubs her. She tells him off for “coming over all Clinical Director” and walks out. Ric barely even notices his daughter has left.

Kelly is terrified that the police have apparently given up searching for the “Keller Killer” now that Nic is behind bars. She refuses any support from Jess, claiming: “me and Nic have always looked after each other”. Kath tells Kelly to go and take a long lunch break to visit Nic. Jess insists on accompanying her, and she finally agrees.

Zubin rushes David Cullen, a burns victim, into ICU and Jess quickly works out that he must be Matrtin’s girlfriend, Louise’s brother. Jess rushes off to tell Louise, Diane asks Zubin why Ric is selling his flat, and tells of her suspicions that Ric has begun gambling, once again.

Alicia, meanwhile, is very distressed and asks for her foster mum, Janice, to be called. Alicia’s father refuses, insisting he can cope alone. He asks Alicia to move to Brighton with him. Although she clearly doesn’t want to, she agrees, later telling Kath that after her mother died, he became very depressed and suicidal. She doesn’t want to upset him now, so feels she has to agree to move in with him.

Mubbs and Rosie diagnose Toni with acute myeloid leukaemia, which needs immediate chemotherapy. Toni refuses, as she knows she will need to terminate her baby, and after 8 miscarriages, she cannot bring herself to do this. After the consultation, Mubbs flirts with Rosie persistently, until she agrees to not only forgive him, but to go on a date with him and her children to a bonfire display.

Zubin tries to get Ric to confess to his money worries, and informs Ric that he owes him money, and wants it back as soon as is convenient – it’s obvious that he suspects Ric is lying now. Ric blanches, but agrees, trying to maintain his cool. Diane feels that was handled very badly, and snaps: “very supportive” sarcastically to Zubin! Ric then begins making snide comments about Zubin becoming pompous and aloof now he has a Trust Position – their friendship is slowly disintegrating!

Jess and Kelly arrive at the prison to see Nic. It’s very awkward between the three of them, and Jess puts her foot in in a few times, but Nic is clearly touched that she came to see him. Kelly is highly distressed, and repeatedly insists she will get Nic out somehow. Nic becomes upset when it is time for his visitors to leave, and while Kelly tries to comfort him, she manages to shoot Jess a few annoyed glares – she doesn’t like sharing Nic’s attention at all.

It is time for Alicia’s operation. As this is the first time Ric has operated on a patient with sickle-cell anaemia, Zubin briefs him beforehand. Yet more, increasingly bitter, banter occurs between Ric and Zubin!

As things go downhill in the operation, Zubin urges Ric to hurry up, winding him up further. When Ric finally completes the emergency procedure, he mutters at Zubin: “come on, come on, pay me a compliment – it won’t kill you!”. He then finally loses all composition and shouts at Zubin. Diane later tells the anaesthetist that he should not have asked for the money back, but Zubin explains that he was simply trying to get Ric to ask him for help.

David and Matin discuss the recent events that brought them both in here. David explains to Martin that he set his house alight in order to repay him for the beating he received from Martin’s colleagues when he failed to repay his loan. He had no intention of hurting David, but it’s too late – David’s condition becomes critical, and after telling Louise that he loves her, and wants her to take his money (made from being an illegal loan shark) and get away to start a new life. He then crashes, and cannot be resuscitated. Louise sees no alternative but to leave Martin.

After persuading Callum and Toni to terminate their pregnancy in order to allow Toni a chance of survival, Rosie informs Mubbs that her husband, Sami, now wants to go with her and their children to the bonfire. Mubbs is very hurt that she won’t go with him, and walks off in a huff.

Kelly approaches Jess and tells her that in future she will go to visit Nic alone. Jess is upset, but things are about to get worse! She runs into Ric, who tells her he has lent her far too much money over the years, and wants £200 back immediately. Jess cannot understand why her father needs money so desperately, but goes to withdraw the cash.

When Alicia awakens, she asks for Janet. She tells her father, Derek, that she wants to stay with her foster mother, and he sadly agrees. He tells Ric he cannot believe how badly he has treated his daughter, leaving Ric wondering how his relationship with Jess will fare.

Ric hands over the money to Zubin, and yet again, releases his frustration by shouting at his old friend! This is the final straw for Zubin, who yells back: The trust doesn’t stop me being your friend, Ric, but you just night!”. Ric walks back to his office to check on his bet – he lost all £1000……


Alicia – An 18 year old girl with sickle-cell anaemia, brought in with an infarcted bowel.

David Cullen – Burns victim – his sister’s boyfriend, Martin, set his house alight with a firework posted through the letterbox. He later died due to respiratory failure.

Martin – Admitted to AAU after being badly beaten by David Cullen’s colleagues. He borrowed money from David’s loan shark company and couldn’t keep up with the repayments. His injuries are no more severe than a concussion.

Toni – Suffered 8 previous miscarriages, arrives for an ultrasound scan and is diagnosed with leukaemia. After much soul searching, she and her husband, Callum, opt to terminate the pregnancy in order for Toni survive the chemotherapy needed, and plans to stop trying for a baby.


First Scene/words

Jess: Good morning, are you still claiming the other guy, are you?

Martin: I would have, if I had managed to get a shot on him. He jumped me from behind, coward.

Jess: As soon as there’s a bed for you on Keller, you’ll be moving up there, so we can keep an eye on that concussion, okay?

Martin: Jess… I’m waiting for my girlfriend Louise, do you know if she has got here yet?

Jess: No, are you worried she’s gonna give you a hell when she sees the state of you?

Martin: Something like that.

Last Scene/words

[Ric is in his office and phones someone]

Ric: Hey, Ric Griffin. How’s my curtailment doing? What was the score? 3-0? And the last one was an own goal? Yeah, thanks…

[He hangs up and sits down on his sofa]

Guide by Kerry & Karin

Screencaps : S6 E5

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