S23 E25

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S23 E25 (14 Feb 09) : Stand by Me by Suzie Smith

Episode Summary

Adam collects Alex’s ashes. Unsure what to do with them, he brings them into the office. Tess and Jordan realise that Adam is not coping as well as he’s trying to pretend.A nervous Carl, aged 28, messes up his date with 43-year-old Wendy. They’re married but have been trying to liven up their relationship with role play. Although Carl berates Wendy for wanting to make their lives more exciting, he still tries to impress her by taking a running leap at a swing bridge as it closes. Failing to land correctly, Carl’s legs are crushed by the bridge. Adam goes to the call with the paramedics but realises the only way to save Carl is to amputate his legs.

Later, as members of the Emergency Department embark on a charity speed date for Valentine’s Day, Curtis answers a hoax call and is unsettled to discover it was called in by Tony, who makes a threat against Curtis’s “girlfriend”.Quirky patient Nina worries that her blind date won’t realise she is in hospital. Tess thinks that if he’s really her soul mate then he will find her. Nina then finds Jed in her cubicle and assumes him to be her blind date, until she discovers a gun in his bag

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