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Cas Series

S24 E42

S24 E42 (26 Jun 10) : Die and Let Live by Suzie Smith

Episode Summary

Jay is in for an enormous shock when he realises that his life could be at risk following the recent drugs trial. Will this brush with death make Jay see his personal life more clearly?

When Jordan informs him that he could be in mortal danger if he doesn’t take the placebo in the drugs trial, Jay is shocked. Jordan promises to fast-track the blood test results, but Jay is aware that the clock is ticking. Treating Eileen, an older lady with diabetes, Jay empathises with her sadness at suffering alone. He is distraught when she dies unexpectedly and, unable to express his fear to his mates (who are running a book on which staff member is at risk) he tries to seek solace with Ruth. But she is too preoccupied to devote time to him.

Distracted all day, Ruth receives a mysterious package containing a gold locket. She begs Adam for time off work for personal reasons, leaving the Emergency Department with a garment bag in a chauffeur-driven car.

Jay is elated when his test results prove negative. Jordan tells him that he has been given a second chance in life. Jordan also drops into the conversation that Ruth is planning to get married today. Resolving to win her back, Jay races through the streets of Holby to find Ruth at the register office, where he pleads his undying love. Is he in time?

Meanwhile, Kirsty gets on the wrong side of Tess when she misguidedly helps a young girl who isn’t all she claims to be. Further bad behaviour from Shona leads to Charlie showing her the door – will she be able to appeal to his good nature once more?

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