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Cas Series

4.6 Charity – 13/10/89

s4e6S4 E6 (13 Oct 89) : Charity by Margaret Phelan

Episode Summary

A charity ball is being held at the hospital in aid of a new children’s unit, they auction a car and raise £16,000. Valerie is there, while her friend Fanny’s husband Simon, collapses in the hospital grounds. Jimmy finds him and takes him into A&E, where they find out he’s had a stroke.

A young girl, Katie, is having a severe asthma attack in a caravan where she lives. Her parents, Des and Rosie, wait for a GP, who fails to turn up. Des then drives to a phone box, and his car breaks down. After finally getting an ambulance, guests at the ball block the path to A&E – she dies in CRASH.

An elderly man, Ivor Maitland, is brought in after collapsing, he has thrombosis of the leg, but Duffy discovers he has been mistreating his wife, Avril – and tries to advise her, but she still goes back to him.

An old lady, Mrs Grady, is taken in, she is dying of cancer, and is forced to wait in the hospital corridor until a bed becomes available, Megan tries to make her as comfortable as possible.

New SHO Richard Godley, treats a woman, Sarah, with stomach pains. He calls out his boss, Dr Lewis, who is angry he missed an ectopic pregnancy. Tired and upset, Richard overdoses, but Lucy manages to save him, and she has a go at Dr Lewis for his care free attitude.

Duffy treats a teenage punk, Mr Roberts, with a hand injury, after he’s been in fight.

Alex swears at a man, Mr Reed, after he gropes her – and faces another of Duffy’s warnings. But she’s cheered up when she performs the Heimlich maneuver on Mr French, who’s choked on a tooth – she finds out he has also been mugged by the punk, as she recognises his tattoo description.

Julie teases Cyril for joining a dating agency.


* Katie – 7 year old girl dies after a severe asthma attack.

* Ivor Maitland – thrombosis of the leg.

* Avril Maitland – after being pushed from a chair in the cubicle, Duffy treats her hand and also notices old bruises inflicted by Ivor.

* Mrs Grady – collapsed at home, jaundice and nausea, dying of cancer.

* Sarah Dryden – ecoptic pregnancy.

* Simon Warwick – has a stroke.

* Mr Roberts – 18 year old punk with a hand injury after a fight.

* Mr Reed – drunk with cut face, gropes Alex.

* Mr French – mugged, Heimlich maneuver performed after choking on a tooth (he bit his victim)

* Richard Godley – SHO, overdosed.

First Scene/words


Katie : Can I wait outside? I want to tell Daddy first.

Rosie : Come on, Katie.

Katie : Just five more minutes – please.

Last Scene/words

Rosie : (stroking son Liam to sleep) And the doctors and nurses will make Katie better and she’ll come home, and we’re going to live in a nice new house with a garden for you to play in and we’re all going to live happily ever after. (focuses on Katie’s drawing of house)

Notable Facts

* Julie found a letter for Cyril from ‘Michelle’

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