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Cas Series

S10 E12

S10 E12 (2 Dec 95) : Bringing it All Back Home by Rob Gittins

Episode Summary

On the river a boatyard owner causes an accident to his rival’s pleasure cruiser and a passenger falls overboard; both the owners are injured as well.

The passenger is an elderly man, attending a reunion of Holby City Football Cluv players that does not go smoothly. When the man falls overboard, another man suffers a heart atack and dies in the rescue. Back in casualty the survivors deal with their past.

Trevor Wilson, now security officer, has installed a new system that exasperates the staff. Laura and Ash argue about fund-raising events. Ash asks her out. Baz explains to Charlie why she is staying alone at a hotel; Peter wants to adopt a child as he is infertile. Charlie goes back to the hotel with her.

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