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Cas Series

S9 E17

S9 E17 (4 Feb 95) : Heartbreak Hotel by Rob Gittins

Episode Summary

A relationship is back on between Mike and Rachel; Kate suggests that Mike is acting ‘perky’ and Rachel tells him they should cool it at work.

Eddie is revising for her pending exams. Matt arrives for work late but is immediately called back home to sort out a domestic between his parents, Joan and Brian. Brian has spent the night in a cell and since losing his job, he has taken it hard and started drinking heavily. Matt later returns to work, but during the shift Brian is brought in after a fight erupts; Joan poured hot water over his arm in self defence. Matt suggests calling Social Services, as Brian pleads with his wife to take him back. But Joan agrees the only way forward is to get them involved, before someone is seriously hurt. Jude tries to comfort Matt. He later also gets a visit from Ash, who questions him as to why he can’t give evidence at his court case.

After a prison visit, Terry Brennan is distraught when his wife, Pat, says she no longer wants to see him. He takes advantage of a disturbance at the prison to find a weapon and injure himself. Dan Kavagnah, the warder who accompanies Terry and the other prisoners to Holby, is working his last shift; and back at the prison there are preperations for his surprise leaving party. While waiting for an x-ray, Terry asks Dan if he would let him go for an hour, so that he can talk to his wife. Dan agrees, and Terry goes home to discover Pat living with his best friend. A fight ensues. Terry returns to A&E, and collapses with a knife wound to his chest. Pat decides to go back to her husband. Meanwhile, Dan’s wife, Sheila, has found a note from Dan telling her that he is leaving her for Lynne, the prison governor’s secretary. He wasn’t expecting her to find the letter, till after he had planned to leave her, but is forced to confront the issue.


* Terry Brennan – knife wound to arm & stab wound to chest

* Brian Hawley – scald to arm

First Words/ scene

Prison van, shouting outside;

Giard : Here we go again!

Man : Scumbag! (throws egg at van)

Inside prison;

Prisoner : He’s here! They’ve taken him down to c wing

Terry : I’ve got a visit

Prisoner : Yeah but not for another hour

Last Words/ scene

Terry : What you gonna tell him?

Pat : Just what I told you; you belong there Terry not him

Terry : But I’ve still got two years to do though

Pat : Best learn to play football then! (they kiss)

Memorable Quotes

Ash enters Mike’s office without knocking and catches Mike and Rachel in an embrace;

Mike : You couldn’t do me as favour as well could you?

Ash : Sure

Mike : Next time you come calling, could you be sure to give a bang on the door first – it makes it very difficult when I’m trying to seduce a member of staff when people try and barge in!

Ash : I’ll try and remember! (Ash exits and Rachel and Mike laugh)

Notable Facts

* Ray Winstone plays Terry Brennan.

* Susan Brown plays Joan Hawley.

* Frank Grimes plays Brian Hawley.

* Matt has two sisters.

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