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Cas Series

S9 E23

S9 E23 (18 Mar 95) : Not Waving but Drowning by Ashley Pharoah

Episode Summary

Hotel-owner Rowan Tolchard is adamant that local beaches are clean, despite the protestations of the surfers and his daughter, Cassie. It is not until Cassie is rushed to Holby with chemical burns after surfing in the bay that he finally accepts the truth.When Stephen Ewart takes his daughter, Beth, out in his truck, she accidentally touches the chemical waste that he has been dumping in the sea, and she arrives at Holby with a badly inflamed eye. Confronted by his estranged wife, and seeing Cassie in distress, Stephen is forced to consider the consequences of his actions.

Matt is attacked by the people against whom he gave evidence during Ash’ trial, while relations between Charlie and Baz remain tense.

Notable Facts

* Lisa Faulkner plays Cassie Tolchard.

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