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HC Past Series

S4 E36

S4 E36 (11 Jun 02) : Calculated Risks by Nick Warburton

Episode Summary

Keri’s overbearing mother, Pam, the new risk-manager at the hospital, causes a stir, flirting with Mubbs. Pam also tries to explain that Keri has to change, because otherwise she will get stuck on her career. Keri is not impressed by Pam’s attempts and does not want to move on. In the evening there is a charity do to raise money to an intensive care bed for babies and Lisa organises a charity auction of Holby’s eligible men: Ric is bought by Sam, Ben by Sandy, Danny by Lisa and Owen by Chrissie. Pam humiliates her daughter by buying Mubbs, but when Keri starts complaining she says that she did not buy Mubbs for herself, but for Keri. Keri is not pleased, but eventually she agrees to go out for a drink with Mubbs.

Owen is brought into work by his wife and Chrissie does not seem to get over this. She spends the whole day trying to tell him that she is not ready to give up on him and that boring family life does not suit him. She also continually flirts with Owen before, during and after the auction, until he succumbs to temptation.

A young woman on Darwin Ward, Vanessa Ray, has come into hospital for a valve replacement. She is constantly arguing with her boyfriend and after a little heart to heart with Chrissie, she decides to leave him. After a while, however, they begin to suspect that something else might be wrong with her too and Owen finds out that she has ovarian cancer. Even though Chrissie is trying to convince her that she is strong and that she can make it on her own, she realises that she needs her lack-luster boyfriend after all.

Leslie Bow is another young woman, who comes into hospital to give birth. Her boyfriend Nathan is about to come to be with her, when he finds out that her friend Steph is with her. He tells Lisa that he cannot go and visit Leslie yet and that it will have to wait. Later he tries to explain to Lisa that Leslie is about to leave him for someone else, but that she does not yet know that he is aware of it. Eventually Lisa, as well as a disheartened Leslie who just has given birth to a baby girl, finds out that Nathan and Steph are seeing each other behind Leslie’s back and that Nathan is planning to leave her.

On Otter Ward, an overprotective father, Dale Warner, makes trouble for Keri. Tod, his son, is suffering from cystic fibrosis and the father is worried that he might get an infection from the other children. Dale makes sure they put Tod in a separate room and he won’t let Tod play with the other children. Keri is trying to get him change his mind, but Dale is too worried about his son to listen to her. Later, after seeing Tod playing with a young girl, Nicola, he finally admits that it might be good for Tod to get a chance to live a more normal life.


– Vanessa Ray is a young woman who needs a valve replacement, but also finds out that she has got ovarian cancer

– Tod Warner is a young boy with cystic fibrosis, even though his biggest problem seems to be a very overprotective father

– Leslie Bow gives birth to a young daughter and finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her

First Scene/words

[Lisa is putting up some posters.]

Lisa: Will you be there tonight?

Chrissie: Tonight?

Lisa: This charity do, we’re planning to do an auction. I’ve got a million other things I’ve gotta be doing.

Chrissie: Then do them.

Last Scene/words

[Chrissie and Owen get passionate outside the charity do!]

(Guide by Karin)

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