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HC Past Series

S12 E27

S12 E27 (6 Apr 10) : For the Greater Good by Nick Warburton

Episode Summary

When Michael learns of Mark’s resignation he accepts that Vanessa must go, but he’s determined to allow her to exit with dignity. His plan backfires when Vanessa makes Michael look a fool in a board meeting, before she leaves Holby for a new job.

Joseph is determined to make things right. He apologises to Linden and lets Faye move back into their flat. When he discovers that Linden is due to help Faye move back in, he demands that she explain why she left him. After some home truths, Joseph falls into the arms of one of his patient’s relatives.

Meanwhile, Oliver is hungover and desperate for an easy ride. Holby Care seems like a perfect remedy – until Sacha arrives, determined to annoy him.

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