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Cas Series

S7 E05

S7 E5 (10 Oct 92) : Cherish by Catherine Johnson

Episode Summary

It’s a busy shift for the team at Holby A&E. Carl Greaves and his girlfriend, Melanie, are brought in after a road accident. Charlie treats ‘Carl’, who is very hesitant, it is on unbuttoning ‘his’ shirt that they found ‘he’ is a girl, ‘Carol’. Melanie doesn’t know, and is angry to be told later by her.

A young girl, Sophie, accidentally cuts her mother, Barbara, who has ME, in the forehead with a knife in anger. Duffy advises Barbara on getting home help, while Norma talks to Sophie, as they both have ill mothers.

Three elderly woman, Kitty, and sisters Naomi and Hester, are brought in after Hester faints in the supermarket. She faints again in reception and breaks Naomi’s ankle. Hester admits she only pretended to faint after stealing chocolates, however Julian discover Naomi has secondary cancer.

A pregnant Asian woman, Rajini, throws herself down the stairs, because she fears her baby will be a girl. She sprains her wrist and her husband takes her to casualty. She retreats to the loos where she goes into labour. Julian and Sandra deliver a healthy baby boy. Rajini admits to her husband what she did, he is angry, as he didn’t mind the sex of the baby, she was comparing him to her father.

After the shift, Julian and Sandra walk out, discussing the birth and also discuss the upcoming karaoke event. He offers Sandra a lift home. Norma’s mother is brought in with a policeman, she was found wandering the streets with a burnt hand. Norma is upset when she doesn’t recognise her. Ash is having a cash flow problem and takes up the offer of overtime and Kate agrees to let Charlie bring in agency nurses, but he is not happy, believing it doesn’t solve the problem.


* Carl/Carol Greaves – involved in RTA, turns out to be a girl

* Melanie – ‘Carl’s’ girlfriend, minor injuries from RTA

* Rajini Parek – Asian woman, throws herself down stairs and sprains wrist. She gives birth in hospital toilets.

* Hester Blewett – elderly lady, fakes fainting to steal in supermarket.

* Naomi Blewett – fractures ankle after they fall in reception. Julian discover she may have secondary cancer

* ME sufferer, Barbara George – lacerated forehead after daughter, Sophie, accidentally cuts her with knife.

* Norma’s mother – found wandering streets with burnt hand.

Last Scene/words

Sandra : Are you going to the karaoke do next week Julian?

Julian : Well, are you going?

Sandra : I’m supposed to be helping organise it.

Julian : Well in that case, I’ll look in.

Notable Facts

* Kim Vithana plays Rajini Parek.

* Kate Miller has a son called Louis, on giving birth – her husband fainted.

* Julian has a gold BMW, reg no. FRU 35Y.

Screencaps : S7 E5

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