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Cas Series

S20 E35

S20 E35 (29 Apr 06) : No Way Back by Jonathan Rich

Episode Summary

Maggie’s son Jamie comes into ED and asks to speak to her. Alice announces that Jamie is here to see her and Maggie’s taken aback. She tells Charlie that Steve wants to take the kids to Malaysia with him and she’s worried if they go, they might not come back. Maggie meets Jamie in reception. He has a cough and she tells him to get it checked out in the ED. Charlie says he’ll need an X-ray. Jamie tells Maggie that she shouldn’t have told her children that their father was dead. Maggie says she just didn’t want them to know that actually he was in prison for killing someone. We see Maggie’s guilt at not having been honest with Jamie. Jamie wants to see his dad and Maggie knows that this time she has to do the right thing. Maggie reveals to Jamie that his father is out of prison as he waits for his X-ray results. Jamie’s diagnosed with a chest infection. Maggie tells him to wait in the staffroom. She wants Joanne to come in so that she can tell them both about their dad together. Joanne arrives and Maggie tells Jamie and Joanne together that their father would like then to go to Malaysia with him for a year when he goes to teach English there. Joanne misunderstands that Maggie thinks that she should go. Maggie tries to cover up her upset and tells her she should go if it makes her feel better. Maggie sadly watches Jamie and Joanne leave together to go and meet their father.

Elsewhere, Nina goes to visit Ellen who is in an upstairs ward. Ellen puts on a brave face as they take a walk outside the grounds. However after Nina leaves, Ellen is in tears. Nina sees her crying when she returns to the ward, having forgotten to give her some chocolates she brought for her. Ellen breaks down and says she can’t fight the cancer and that it killed her mother. Nina tells her she’ll fight it with her.

Meanwhile, Alice packs up her plants as her four-week trial has come to an end and she’s certain she won’t be asked to stay on. However, [ID 1347]Sam[/ID] coaches Alice on how to impress Tess and she is thrilled to learn the job is hers.

A factory kitchen boss, Jiang Guang, is trying to impress a couple, whose son they are hoping to set up on an arranged marriage with his daughter, Jiang Zhen Juan. However new workers, who are infact illegal immigrants working for him cheaply, accidentally cause a kitchen fire. Another man, Huang Lok, is injured. He declares his feelings for Juan which makes her decide to confront her father.

A young woman, Leah, comes into the department claiming to have an ankle injury. Her overprotective boyfriend, Neil, who she has recently split from, is with her. Managing to get a moment with Kelsey alone, she reveals she is worried she has an STD after losing her virginity to Neil. Guppy discovers she is infact allergic to latex.


* Huang Lok – severe burns from factory fire.

* Xu Li Mei – injuries from factory fire.

* Leah Thomas – latex allergy.

* Jamie Coldwell – chest infection.

Notable Facts

* Thomas Hudson plays Jamie Coldwell.

* Jane Riley plays Joanne Coldwell.

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