S8 E17

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s8e17S8 E17 (8 Jan 94) : United We Fall by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

Two rival graffiti artists try to outdo eachother by spraying their names in high and out-of-reach places. Both are injured and both end up in Holby in adjacent cubicles.

A female ballroom dancer who is rushing to a competition runs over a tramp in a country lane. Her car then scrapes a brick wall, and her leg is badly injured. She drives off in panic. After the competition her partner takes her to casualty because her les is bleeding heavily. A man involved ina hit-and-run has also been brought in. She tries to apologise. The man threatens legal action. Charlie believes that the police should be involved. Ittranspires that the two accidents were completely seperate, occuring twenty miles apart. Adele checks Queen’s and discovers that they have had one hit-and-run victim, dead on arrival. The dancer still wants to confess everything. Her partner thinks that she should walk away.

Mark calls a meeting in Charlie’s office and announces that the casualty department at Queen’s is closing.

Notable Facts

* Rosie Marcel plays Stella.

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