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Cas Series

S23 E21

S23 E21 (17 Jan 09) : No Going Back by Abby Ajayi

Episode Summary

Alex’s surgery is unsuccessful and he confides in Jordan that he wants to sign an Advance Directive. Jordan urges Alex to fight his condition and finally reveals he too has a degenerative illness.

Alex is outraged that Jordan is continuing to practice but Jordan refuses to listen and determined to prove himself, performs a risky heart operation. However, mid operation, he slips up and an unsuspecting Ruth steps in to save the day.

An upbeat Jessica makes plans for her future but is devastated when she realises Sean has emptied their entire bank accounts so she is left with nothing to pay for a home or a lawyer to help her find the children.

Zoe breaks the news of Abby and Finn’s death to Sharice and eventually tells the child that she will foster her.

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