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Cas Series

S17 E01

S17 E1 (14 Sep 02) : Déjà Vu by David Joss Buckley

Episode Summary

Harry takes his five children for a day out at the Holby City County Fair. Family tensions are high as his 16 year old daughter Tally is threatening to leave home, and go backpacking with her boyfriend, Hugh. However, his help is needed elsewhere when there is a collision between a bungee jumper and a sky diver, John. Harry decides with all the traffic, an air ambulance needs to be called. It quickly becomes a full scale emergency when the helicopter, with paramedic Terry, registrar Eddie and John onboard, crashes on take off, after becoming entangled with the parachute. Finn and Comfort arrive to help Harry save lives, but quick decisions have to be made and Harry is forced to amputate the leg of Eddie, while Terry’s life is slipping away. Finn, who is a friend of new father, Terry, stays with him as he dies. When Harry arrives in A&E he is dismayed to find lives have been lost despite his heroic actions at the crash site. His son, Jordan, who suffered a minor injury, is angry that he didn’t get his dad’s full attention. His daughter, Tally, however decides not to leave home and tells him how proud she is of him.

Three months after her stabbing, Nikki returns to work. She finds out from Josh about Jack’s spontaneous marriage proposal – and plays a trick on him, annoyed that she was the last to know. Her stabbing ordeal, however, is still haunting her when she, and Josh are called to the derelict estate where she was previously stabbed, and she refuses to go inside the flat until police back up arrives. 20 minutes later, with the police in tow, they enter the flat and find a man, Fergus, has been stabbed. With the major incident taking place, they are told to take him to St James hospital, but Nikki, anxious to save his life, goes ahead to Holby A&E. In Resus, the team battle to save him and Simon puts his foot in it, by telling Nikki they should have treated him straight away – unaware Nikki was at the place she was stabbed. Fergus dies, and Nikki blames herself – Harry takes it upon himself to give her words of comfort and remind how good she is at her job.

Arrested at the end of last series, Lara is terrified for her future. Facing a manslaughter charge she realises she is in danger of being found guilty for her act of self defence. Beth Harper, Harry’s wife and a solicitor, who helped arrange another solicitor for her, offers her words of advice, and when Beth goes to A&E after being called by her children – Lara comes with her and attempts to help out in CRASH – the team are all in support, until Harry catches her and warns her to stop.

Duffy is unhappy – Charlie takes her aside and finds out she has received a £30,000 life policy cheque from Andrew’s death. But she doesn’t want to take it – Charlie tries to tell her, it’s what Andrew would have wanted to have been able to provide for his children’s future.

Roxy is being kept awake by baby Nicole – as are her flat mates, Anna and Nikki, who are unhappy with the situation. Charlie is annoyed when she leaves after her shift, refusing to help with the emergency.


* Derek Keen – 42 yrs, burns after falling on bbq

* Pregnant woman and partner in minor car accident

* Bryan Foster – wrist injury

* Fergus O’Neil – stabbing to chest, dies

Many injured from helicopter crash including;

* Paramedic Terry Finnegan – dies

* Eddy Cottrill – registrar, amputated legs

* John – skydiver, dies

* Jordan Harper – minor head injury

First Scene/ words

At the County Fair, a man bungee jumps;

Fair Announcer : Well there were are then folks! If you want to jump from 200ft with only a bit of elastic between you and the next life, well then now’s your chance!

Harry (who is watching with kids) : Wow that was amazing!

Announcer : And remember it’s all for charity..

Last Scene/ words

Harry comforts Nikki outside Resus;

Nikki : And what if he dies? It won’t be Nikki Marshall makes the right decision, it’ll be Nikki Marshall bottled it and do you know Harry that won’t be right.

Harry : No (Simon enters from Resus)

Nikki : Please don’t let it be bad news

Simon : Sorry, he died. (Nikki looks upset)

Notable Facts

* Harry has five children; eldest Tally (Ashlie Walker); Jordan (Frankie Carson); Kizzy (Francesca Isherwood); Ollie (Matthew Gillespie) and baby Daisy.

* Harry’s wife Beth Harper is played by Lynda Rooke

Screencaps : S17 E1

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