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Cas Series

S9 E20

S9 E20 (25 Feb 95) : Branded by Billy Hamon

Episode Summary

Liz is celebrating her 29th birthday and her husband, John, has sent her flowers to the hospital.

Ash tells Charlie that he’s definitely leaving; taking on a nurse teaching stint at the local college. Charlie says he’s making a big mistake.

Mike has also decided to transfer to London to work out his reconciliation with his wife. He avoids discussing it with Rachel, who is furious when she finds out the news from someone else. He apologises and tells her he wasn’t sorry that they happened.

Mike tells Charlie his replacement will be Barbara Hayes – a Senior Registrar from Birmingham, who used to work at Holby. Charlie racks his brains trying to think who it is; it’s only when she decides to pay a visit to the department before joining, that he realises it’s Baz – with whom he had a relationship with 8 years ago, that ended in her aborting his baby and fleeing Holby. Baz has now remarried, and old memories come flooding back for Charlie.

The arrival of Sarah Jackson, a Jehova’s witness, in casualty produces ethical problems for Mike and his team. Sarah has fallen through a shop window after trying to fend off muggers who attacked transexual Audrey. She has severe lacerations and bleeding, but refuses transfusions or surgery. Audrey, turns out to be her natural father and both ‘she’, and Sarah’s mother try to get her to change her mind, but to no avail and she dies. Sarah’s mother blames Audrey, while Eddie is angered she couldn’t have done more to help – Baz tells her they had to respect her wishes.

Suzie Bennett comes in with her unruly five children; one of them, Lawrence, has an injured arm. Kate is concerned about bruises on all the children and suspects neglect. On questioning the children, they say their mother hits them. But later on, after four of the children get stuck in the lift, they discover that eldest daughter, Maudie, has been hurting them. She tells her mother she was fed up of having to do everything for them because she was older.


* Lawrence Bennett – injured arm.

* Sarah Jackson – dies after refusing surgery.

* Audrey Foster – minor cuts.

First Words/ scene

Shop where Sarah works;

Sarah : Hello

Audrey : Hello

Sarah : How are you?

Audrey : Fine, you’re looking very pretty today.

Sarah : How did that interview go, did you get the job?

Audrey : No

Last Words/ scene


Charlie : So are you going to take it? (Baz shrugs) So where were we?… Putting our cards on the table

Baz : Oh yes (they see Mike leave) Another time, yeah?

Charlie : Yeah, another time.

Notable Facts

* John Duttins plays Audrey Foster.

* Lucy Davis (The Office) plays Sarah Jackson.

* Emily Aston plays Maudie Bennett.

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