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HC Past Series

S4 E22

S4 E22  (5 Mar 02) : To Have and To Have Not by Janys Chambers

Episode Summary

Sam arrives at work only to start the day by reversing into Ric’s car – She’s got other things on her mind. She asks him if she can buy him a drink after work to apologise for backing into him – He can’t but doesn’t get a chance to explain because Owen walks through them. She walks off and tells him another time maybe.

Owen phones Chrissie and wishes her all the best for her appointment. She tells him she’s ok and just wants to get on with her job.

Gail Roberts comes up to Maternity – She’s in labour – She’s having the baby adopted, because it isn’t her husband’s.

Jess turns up at the hospital. Sam sees Ric kiss her and then them hugging. She comments to Kath that ‘She’s young enough to be his daughter.’ Kath tells her ‘That’s because she is.’

Linda Pascoe is brought in with blunt injuries to the abdomen which were supposedly received in a mugging on her doorstep – She also has a suspected ruptured liver and is rushed to theatre. Her husband begins telling Kath his side of the story. When operating, Ric finds that Linda has an enlarged uterus – She’s pregnant.

Gail Roberts gives birth – She then begins haemorrhaging. They take her to theatre to try and stop the bleeding. Her husband’s called in. They manage to stop the bleeding. Although at first telling her she wanted to know nothing about the baby, Gail asks Lisa to tell her what she had – She does – A boy.

Owen does a scan on Linda – He can’t find a heartbeat – Her baby’s died.

Chrissie’s car won’t start. She phones Owen and asks if he can take her to her appointment. She says it doesn’t matter if he can’t – He probably has a lot to do – He does but he tells her it’s alright, it’s nothing that can’t wait.

Ric presents Jess with two tickets for the theatre. Jess tells Ric she’s pulled out of college and that she’s going to be a model. Ric tells her he wants back the £3000 he gave her for a computer and course books – She says she can’t because she didn’t spend the money on those things in the first place – She used it to have breast enhancement.

Chrissie tells Owen not to wait for her – But he does anyway. She tells him what they found.

Gail decides to see her baby – She gives him a name – Joshua.

Kath asks Linda if she can tell her what happened – She needs to know because it’s necessary paperwork they have to fill in, in the case of a criminal incident. Linda tells Kath she doesn’t want to say anything without her husband Graham being there. Graham returns.

Kath tells Father Michael that she suspects that Linda’s husband hit her.

Gail tells Lisa she doesn’t think she can go through with the adoption.

Kath asks Linda if Graham hit her. Linda takes a pen and writes two words on one of the bathroom tiles – ‘HELP ME.’

Ric and Sam talk as they share a drink.

Linda tells Kath about her husband hitting her.

Gail decides to give the baby up afterall.

Jess becomes Owen’s new PA.

Linda’s husband transfers Linda to a private hospital.


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