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HC Past Series

S4 E10

S4 E10 (11 Dec 01) : Care by Rob Fraser

Episode Summary

Emma Waring’s health is deteriorating rapidly. Using work as an escape from problems at home, her husband Steve inadvertently shifts the responsibility of caring for her on to his son, Robbie, a judgement that he later regrets when an accident at home proves fatal. Finding Emma unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, Robbie gives her mouth-to-mouth but, despite this and a fight by Ric and Tash, they fail to save her. Steve is forced to put his own grief on hold for Robbie’s sake, who is hugely resentful of his father: ‘You should have been there.’

Through caring for heart patient Eric, [ID 572]Sam[/ID]’s opinion of Alex is seriously challenged. She is disgusted by Eric’s son, Mark, who does not take well thenews that Eric will need long-term care after his operation. Alex’s identification with Mark brings home to Sam that she has entirely different values to him. She is not sure that their recently reignited romance can ever work. After sniping at him all day, Sam reveals why she is so upset with him. She gave up her law career to nurse herown dying father. But Alex’s attempt at a sympathetic response maddens her. She despairs: ‘You just don’t get it, do you? It’s not about a patient, Alex, it’s about you.’ After the surgery Eric explains to Alex and Sam that even though he has always put lots of faith into the state he has been saving money for the last 30 years for when he gets older and that he now will move to a private old people’s home and live there, without his son and her wife needing to look after them. He says that the day his son got married and Thatcher got elected, he had decided to start saving money, because he did not want those two women looking after him when he gets old.

On Darwin Ward, a blind man, Matthew Howard, regains his sight after a relatively minor procedure on his lungs, after having been involved in an RTA. Matthew is religious and calls it a miracle, but Mr Meyer contacts his ophthalmologist and finds out why Matthew got blind a year earlier and also why the sight came back. Matthew has got an optic nerve tumour, which has made him blind, but the steroids he was given have shrunk the tumour. Sadly this is only temporary and his sight slowly starts fading away. Matthew is busy watching everyone, admiring the views and he wants to finally be able to see what his girlfriend, Julia, actually looks like. She, however, is unsure and thinks that he will not want her anymore after he has seen what she actually looks like. In the end she agrees to meet him, after finding out that he soon will not be able to see anything again. When they meet Matthew says that he will from now on be honest and finally tells her why he got blind, and that he is ill.

A cantankerous young homeless man causes problems for Simon Shaughnessy on his first day at work at Holby, assisting Stan. Tanner, the homeless man, soon gets his feet back into a good condition, but there is one problem, he now does not have any shoes. Ric and Kath start the mission to try to get shoes from him, but the hospital seems to be more interested in bed spaces than trying to find someone a pair of shoes, even though finding them would mean that they could get rid of Tanner and get one more bed empty. In the end the situation, as well as Tanner, is getting on Ric’s nerves and he buys Tanner a pair of rather expensive shoes. Tanner leaves, but on the way he manages to sell his shoes to Simon, who swaps them for his own ones plus £20.


Matthew Howard, a 38-year-old blind man that notices he temporarily can see after having lung surgery after an RTA

Tanner, a homeless young man, whose shoes have caused his feet problems

Eric Ford, an elder man with a hole in his heart that needs surgery

Jamie Hawks is a boy with kidney problems, but after surgery he is alright

First Scene/words

[Steve is getting dressed]

Steve: I need to get in a bit earlier today.

Emma: If you need to, you need to.

Steve: I’ll get your pills first.

Emma: Robbie beat you to it.

Steve: Oh, that’s good.

Last Scene/words

[Steve and Robbie are on their way home when they meet Jamie Hawks’ mother Laura]

Steve: This is my son Robbie, Laura.

Laura: Your dad was telling me about you last night. He’s been looking after my little boy.

Robbie: [sarcastically] He’s a star, my dad, isn’t he?

Steve: We, we need to get going.

Laura: I’ll see you then.

Steve: Okay, we should go home.

Robbie: Yeah, there’s nowhere else to go, is there?

[Robbie starts walking and Steve follows]

Episode Trivia

Matthew Howard’s girlfriend Julia is played by Judy Flynn, who in series 7 plays Maureen Rogers, the cashier from the canteen that Will ends up arguing with, causing the canteen to go on strike.

>>Guide by Karin

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