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Cas Series

S21 E42

S21 E42 (16 Jun 07) : Entropy by Sasha Hails

Episode Summary

It’s the morning after the night before. Nathan crashes his car outside the hospital after a near-collision with Selena but after his outburst about her abortion at last night’s party, she doesn’t want to be involved in his insurance claim.

Meanwhile, Cyd and Greg try to save a newborn baby who has just been rescued from a mechanical dustcart. Binman Steve is also rushed into casualty after being crushed in the rescue. Cyd, distraught by memories of her own backstreet abortion, reveals all to Greg but later turns to Dixie for support. Steve later dies in resus.

When Selena suspects that a teenage patient, Julie, is the newborn baby’s mother, she’s desperate to reunite them but faces conflict with Julie’s mother, Linda, who makes a complaint against her. Later, Selena goes to visit the baby – when Nathan walks by and finds Selena sobbing and holding her tummy, he walks away.

Stitch decides to play Cupid when Guppy confesses that he’s a virgin. He fixes him up with a waitress, Maria, who comes into the department with the chef, Scott, whose finger is accidentally chopped off with a meat cleaver. After shift in the club, Stitch eggs Guppy on to take things further with Maria.


* Steve Lilley – dies after being crushed in mechanical dustcart.

* Julie Stanlake – suffers bleeding following birth of baby that she has dumped.

* Baby ‘Steve’ – newborn dumped in binbags.

* Scott Embelton – finger chopped off by meat cleaver.

Notable Facts

* Andrew Dunn (Holby’s Simon Shaughnessy) plays Steve Lilley.

* Toby Sawyer plays Scott Embelton.

* Nadia’s bra makes it’s way into the department after her night with Stitch. Someone puts it on Nathan’s computer with a ‘Betty Booblicious’ call card attached and later a patient tries to steal the bra.

* ‘You’ve no idea what you’ve been missing out on!’ Stitch tells virgin Guppy.

* On Stitch’s romance with Nadia he says ‘First time is a challenge, second time is fun, third time is a chore!’

* ‘Sometimes I don’t think you know who I am’ Cyd tells Greg.

* Cyd tells Greg she had a backstreet abortion at 16.

* At the club, Stitch hands Guppy some condoms, ‘No glove, no love’ he advises him. He later sends Guppy a text reading ‘Kiss her – the rest will follow’.

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