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Cas Series

S16 E11

S16 E11 (24 Nov 01) : The Morning After by Edel Brosnan

Episode Summary

Anna acts mum, worried that Chloe didn’t come home the previous night. Word has got round about Max’s engagement.Amanda’s son Ben is brought in after overdosing on heroine. Patrick confronts Max about giving him methadone and says he shouldn’t get too involved, but Max tells him to mind his own business. However, Patrick tells Charlie, who cancels Max’s order with pharmacy. Patrick is annoyed and says he will take the matter higher, Charlie says it will be without his backing and suggests he just bitter at Max because he didn’t get his Consultancy post. Ben asks Max for more drugs or he’ll tell Amanda – Max refuses. Devastated Amanda comes in to see Ben, and Charlie lets his slip that Ben had previously been in the department. Amanda confronts Max, who admits he gave him methadone – upset and disappointed in him lying, she hands back his engagement ring.

Spencer is attacked by an irate man, wishing to use his mobile phone in A&E. He tells Sergeant [ID 388]Rachel[/ID] he won’t press charges. Charlie storms off to Security Officer, Mr Dobbs and Jan, demanding extra security. He lets it slip to Mr Dobbs that he is dating Jan, who proceeds to send an email to all the staff. Duffy is annoyed that she didn’t know. Jan, seeing Spencer’s black eye, finally agrees to get some security.

Receptionist, Jack’s brother, Tony, comes in with minor facial cuts after a fight in the gym. Anna, treating him, finds him attractive – but doesn’t know he is gay. Unemployed Tony, helps to calm the irate man, who attacked Spencer, diffusing the situation.

Julia, out in a shopping centre, with her young daughter, falls down an escalator, cutting her head. She gets chatting to Lara, who at first thinks she is the victim of domestic violence. But on closer inspection, discovers she has an irreversible damaged retina, which is hereditary and has caused her previous accidents. Lara tells her she must see a specialist with her daughter. Julia tells her partner, Ron, to leave, because of his impulsive personality – but he says he won’t leave her and suggests she takes a jump and go travelling together.

14 year old Jenny, on advice from her sister, goes to see Dillon in A&E. She has severe eczema, and wants steroids. She has gone behind her mother’s back, who won’t let her take any kind of drug as she thinks they are all addictive. Dillon gives her some steroid cream and gives her a referral.

Patrick goes to see Jan to report Max’s behaviour.


* Ben Lewis – overdosed on heroin

* Tony Vincent – minor facial injuries after fight in gym

* Spencer – injured after being hit by irate man

* Clara Dalton – shortness of breath

* Solicitor Julia – falls down escalator, Lara also discovers a serious eye injury, which is hereditary

* Jenny – 15 year old girl with severe eczema

First Scene/ words

Josh and Finn turn up at Shipley Street, and find Ben collapsed;

Finn : Excuse me

Josh : How long has he been like this? Did you find him?

Man : Yeah I think he’s taken something

Finn : OK, can you hear me?

Last Scene/ words

Outside A&E, dealing with motorway pile up injuries;

Max : Where the hell have you been?

Patrick : Sorting out somebody else’s mess

Max : Well you take this one! What have we got?

Paramedic : MB Arrest

Max : Right I’ll take a look

Notable Facts

* Mr Dobbs sends an email to staff saying ‘Newsflash! All Departments – Charlie Fairhead and Jan Goddard are getting it on!

* When Charlie is asked to admit the rumours he says ‘Yes the rumours are true… Patrick and I are engaged!’

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