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1.13 No Future – 13/12/86

S1 E13 (13 Dec 86) : No Future by Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock

Episode Summary

Megan, convalescing at home, is woken early by the police holding a siege next door. Her neighbour, John, dying of cancer, has locked himself in his shed and says he has a child hostage – he asks for the press. Megan talks him into coming out (there is no child), as he comes out, he collapses, and they take him to hospital. He tells Megan, his cancer was caused by an atom bomb test that he took part in after the war, and their children also suffer eye damage. He urges her to take his proof letters, and report it to the press. He asks for his wife, who he’s separated from, and his daughter, to visit him – but he dies before they arrive. Baz tells them the bad news.

Baz gives herself a pregnancy test and avoids a suspicious Charlie, who can see she is very upset. The rest of the staff realise Charlie and Baz have been having an affair, and all gossip. Kuba also tells Charlie about his non-existent love life. Clive tells Charlie off for leaving the keys by the drugs cupboard.

A Dutch man, Piet, crashes his Mercedes, when he has pains in his chest. He asks Anna, who’s with him, to call 999, which she reluctantly does. He dies of thrombosis and blood clots. Ewart is suspicious, when Anna leaves and fails to give her address, and asks DI Potter to check the car. They find heroin under the car, realising he was a drug dealer. Ewart finds a packet of matches, that Anna left, with the hotel name on it, he goes to try and find her, but the police follow him. Anna, destroys Peet’s passport and in disguise walks out, Ewart thinks he sees her, but lets her go.

A Regular old woman, Winnie, returns looking for Charlie – she is lonely and asks Charlie for a hug – she leaves happy.

Clive also treats a man who has overdosed to get the attention of a lady friend, who he thinks doesn’t love him. Clive reminds him life is precious.

Ponting and Mute finally have a heated talk, after she returns from Wales. She denies writing the note, and says she felt guilty dating a married man.

Kuba spends his shift fixing a broken toilet.


* John Collee – neighbour of Megan, lives on his own and is dying of cancer. He collapses after staging a siege in his shed.

* Piet van der Hooek – Dutch drug dealer dies from thrombosis and blood clots.

* Regular old woman Winnie – Charlie gives her a hug – which is medicine enough for her!

* Man – overdoes on 25 paracetomols.

* Old man – Charlie stitches his hand

* Woman with post-natal depression collapses in bathroom, Baz is wary of treating her, after her pregnancy test.

* Baby who’s teething

* Duffy calls out a ‘Jack Tomlinson’

First Scene/words

Police clearing street away, dog wakes Megan up;

Megan : Rover! (looks out window) good dog, good dog…(sees them with guns pointing to shed)

Policeman1 : 1 to 1 to Foxtrot, we’re in position.

Policeman2 : Foxtrot to 143, understood.

Last Scene/words

Baz : (to Susie) How long has she been here?

Susie : She’s only just arrived, should I..

Baz : No, Miriam – hello, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you, Mr Collee just died, I’m very sorry (Megan looks over, and sees daughter who also has eye damage)

Notable Facts

* Baz picks up a pregnancy test, the box reads; ‘PREGNOSTICON PLANOTEST (20)’

* Charlie sits on the toilet, for a smoke – he flushes the toilet and it leaks over him (it’s the toilet Kuba broke)

* Police check Peet’s Mercedes and find 1 million pounds worth of heroin.

* Anna leaves a matches wrapper on Ewart’s desk, with ‘The Grand Hotel’ stamped on it.

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