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Cas Series

S15 E11

S15 E11 (11 Nov 00) : Marking Time by Len Collin

Episode Summary

It’s Duffy’s 40th birthday, and Charlie arrives at work with Louis to give her a card. The card has a badge that Charlie makes her wear.

Fin and Mel are in the department for the day to observe what goes on. A boy, Kirk, is brought in with “Voltar’s bracelet” stuck on his wrist. Colette removes it whilst Mel amuses Kirk.

Fin gets involved with a case where a prisoner, Vincent Quinn, gets brought in. He has cut himself. Whilst talking to him, Fin finds out that he has been in prison since he was 16 because he killed his foster parents.

Charlie takes Louis to the zoo, as it is his day off. Whilst at the zoo, Charlie sees a man having a fit, and goes to help him. Louis wanders off and Charlie searches frantically for him. He eventually finds him with a man in the play area. Charlie is worried but the man says he just misses his own children who have grown up and Louis reminded him of going to the zoo with them.

A woman, Kim, looks at an exhibition of Vincent Quinn’s (the prisoner) artwork. His teacher shows Kim a picture entitled ‘The Survivor’, showing a family sat at a table. Vincent is in the background and the two adults at the table are the ones he killed. The art teacher tells Kim she doesn’t know who the other girl in the picture is. They then find out that Vincent is in hospital. Kim goes in and tells Duffy who she is. She is ‘the survivor’ – Vincent killed her parents. She talks to him and she says she doesn’t want revenge, just to know why he did it. He says his foster parents were going to get rid of him.

The staff arrange a surprise party at the pub for her at the end of the shift. Max tries to ask her to the pub but she turns him down, telling him that she’s going out with Andrew later and it wouldn’t feel right. Dan then asks her to the pub to discuss work and she accepts. The staff emerge and sing happy birthday to her. Charlie talks to Duffy about losing Louis. Charlie gives Duffy a happy birthday kiss.

It is Remembrance Sunday. Two brothers, Bill and Larry, are brought in by Bill’s daughter, Grace. They had been at a remembrance service and tripped over each other. They reveal to Spencer that they don’t talk to each other. Bill fought in the war but Larry was a conscientious objector – and a stretcher-bearer. Bill thinks Larry was a coward in the war, and Larry thinks Bill is a fool for taking it all so seriously. Bill collapses and the two sort out their differences.


* Vincent Quinn – Slashed arm

* Kirk – bruised wrist

* Larry Clark – Fractured ankle

* Bill Clark – Fractured wrist and later suffers from a PE

First Scene/words

We see a Holby ambulance drive down the motorway.

Last Scene/words

[Charlie is holding Louis]

Charlie: Are you a tired boy, are you? You look like a tired boy. Give me a kiss?

[Louis shakes his head, and Charlie smiles.]


Notable Facts

* The name of the episode is mentioned – the Clark brothers say that when you march, you are ‘Marking Time’.

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