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HC Past Series

S5 E43

s5e43S5 E43 (29 Jul 03) : Carpe Diem by Aileen Goss

Episode Summary

Kath is seeing to a male patient, Jack, who tells her she’d make a good barmaid. She leaves as he asks her to try his wife again. Anita hands Kath her files at the nurses station since it’s her last day. Diane sees to the patient who gets Zubin. Ric is late and is warned by Kath that Diane is not pleased. They take their patient to theatre as Diane updates Ric on their patient. Zubin tells Ric that Leo ahs disappeared when Ric enquires after him. Kath asks Anita to see Jack’s wife whilst he is in theatre due to having high levels of drugs and alcohol in his system. His wife see’s Anita and explains whilst Jack is needing a pacing wire which Alex fits. Ric leaves when Jess finds him and tells him about Leo, they go off together to see Leo. Kath tells Alex that his brother called and would like for him to ring back. Alex brushes it off. Kath is demanded by Tom to get some test results and to see a patient. She takes Jack’s wife to see him and tells Anita her taxi is downstairs. Kath see’s to Jack, she’s asked by Tom to do more tests on Jack. Kath asks Zubin is he’s seen Alex. Zubin apologises and walks away, he informs Ric he won’t report Leo, Ric believes what Tom said about Leo. Tom and Diane arrange to meet after week when she gives him Jack’s test results. Jack and his with begin talking again. Tom watches them after giving them the results. Alex sits in his car watching his hand shake. Kath goes out to his car and knocks on the window. Alex opens the window and Kath leans in, stroking his arm. Kath tells him that she didn’t want to have to do this but his brother rung again and that it’s about his father. Alex looks at her and she continues by telling him that his dad died earlier that morning and she’s very sorry. As Alex looks mortified Kath strokes his arm and tells him how sorry she is.

Tom talks to Anita about when she’s leaving. He asks her to meet him in his office so he can have the patient files she has. Tom welcomes back Alex. Alex goes with Ed to AAU where a suspected pneumonia patient is being brought in. This patient is Leo and he is admitted much to Jess’s shock and Lisa has to sort Leo out instead of Jess. Tom goes to see leo. Lisa gives them Leo’s test results. Leo has heroin in his blood. Alex tells Jess who runs off to find Ric. Tom see’s Anita and gets the patient files. Ric says he will see Tom about operating on Leo. Anita tells Tom she loves him, Tom doesn’t know what to say. Ric demands Tom operates on Leo and interrupts Anita. Anita leaves although Tom tells her to wait. Ric brings up Marty in the conversation and Tom says that right now Leo needs to get the heroin out of his system. Zubin tells Leo he can get through when they talk. Anita says goodbye to the nurses as Tom see’s Jack. Tom leaves the patient and see’s Anita asking if she was going to go without saying goodbye. He tells her he’ll miss her. Anita walks away. Jess tells Ric about leo asking for drugs before. Jess hugs Ric and tells him she loves him. Ric see’s Leo and explains things to him. Leo becomes worse and begins bringing up blood. They plan on taking him to theatre but he crashes. They manage to stabilise him but as Alex goes to operates he see’s his tremors back but in his left hand rather then his right. He tells Jess as he runs out of theatre. Tom takes over and does what’s needed before rushing out to leave. Tom tells Ric to apologise to Diane for not turning up. Ric sits with Leo as he’s in recovery. Ric tells Diane he’s sorry and Diane realises Tom’s not coming. Ric comments that he must have loved Anita a lot. Ed comments that it must have been a lot to not say goodbye. Ric then leaves and goes to sit back with the sleeping Leo.

Owen finds it hard being near Tricia. He see’s his patient, Sophie, with Rosie. Like Rosie the patient wants to start a patient but is having difficulty. Sophie is taken to theatre. Debbie, Sophie’s daughter, feels faint in the canteen and Tricia rushes to her side to hold her up. After telling Tricia it’s making her feel fat Owen and Rosie do a scan on Debbie and tell her she’s fourteen weeks pregnant, whilst for Sophie the only option left open for her is a hysterectomy. Sophie is told her only option is a hysterectomy, she finds out about Debbie who admits to Sophie that the father is her husband.

Anita checks in at the airport and ignores her phonecall which is Tom from his office. Tom see’s Anita, he asks what he can do and she asks him to mend her heart before walking away. She stands watching the plane out of the window and answers her phone as it rings. It’s Tom. She turns and he tells her he loves her as he gets closer. The two of them kiss. They leave together. As they walk away from the window Tom throws his jacket away saying he never liked it.


Leo Griffin – Brought into AAU with suspected pneumonia and with heroin in his system.

Jack Swan – Brought in with a stomach injury but has high amounts of alcohol and drugs in his blood.

Sophie – Patient on Maternity who wants a baby, but she unfortunenately has no option but a hysterectomy. Her daughter Debbie is also featured in the hospital when she is having a scan.


Screencaps : S5 E43

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