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Cas Series

S14 E22

S14 E22 (29 Jan 00) : Mirror Image by Sam Wheats

Episode Summary

Max has lunch with Frank. Frank is giving a talk tonight to some teenagers about the evils of drugs; Max offers to come along for moral support. He gives Frank his father’s watch; Frank is pleased, but leaves in a hurry and forgets it. Max picks it up. When he gets back to the drugs centre, Frank sees Angie trying to fight off the two drug dealers and muscles in to help her. They offer Frank some gear, saying there’s a voice inside him screaming out for gear. Frank tears the bag open in their faces. They say he’s a dead man, then leave.

Sean and Tina talked last night and told each other how they feel. Tina asks Sean to let her tell Max before they go any further as she doesn’t want to hurt him. Sean agrees. Max asks Tina to Frank’s talk; Tina agrees, saying there’s something she needs to talk to him about afterwards.

Josh and Penny are called out to a house by Peter Cassidy, who says his daughter Sadie has shut herself in the bathroom and is in pain. They hear her crying and Josh breaks the door down. They realise straight away that she’s about to give birth, and they deliver a baby boy in the room. Sadie doesn’t want to touch the baby. She says she’s going to give it away. Her father, who didn’t know she was pregnant, seems to want the baby, but says that Sadie has to make up her own mind. Josh tells him that his children died, and says that having a child is the most fantastic – Sadie might not know that yet but Peter does.

Leonard Huckerby comes into Holby A&E, having trapped his finger. He is carrying a model boat that he has made from matchsticks; he is taking it to a competition. He leaves the boat with Amy when he is taken to the cubicles, and she puts it behind her desk.Barney, looking for a video tape to record the documentary made about Josh and Penny, steps on it. He asks Chloe to stall Mr. Huckerby for as long as possible while he tries to mend it. As he is fixing it, Patrick comes into the room, and has a go at Barney for messing around when he should be working. Charlie comes in and stops him, gives Barney a quick reproof, then speaks to Patrick outside. He tells him that he’s in charge of the nursing staff, and that Patrick has no right to speak to Barney like that. He says Patrick needs to remember that they work best as a team. Patrick says some of them need a kick up the backside; Charlie tells him to be careful how hard he kicks as he might find he needs them someday. Barney asks Max to finish mending the model. Max does so, and they give the boat back to Mr. Huckerby, just in time for him to get to the competition with it.

Billy Peake is brought home to his father Geoff by the police, after a shoplifting attempt. As Geoff is arguing with the police officer, Billy takes his car keys and drives off in his car. He races round the streets and hits a woman, injuring her badly. The police are on the spot and get some ID to contact her mother. She is taken to Holby A&E. Steph Elliot arrives, asking to see her daughter Amanda after the police contacted her. She goes in, and says that the woman isn’t her daughter. She leaves, then tells Charlie that the woman is her daughter, but isn’t Amanda. Amanda Elliot turns up in A&E, after a neighbour told her where her mother was. She asks what’s going on. Steph tells her that she was a single parent but had been determined to look after her baby alone. But it turned out that she had twins; she couldn’t cope with two babies so gave one up for adoption. Amanda’s identical twin Kirstie has written to Steph recently, but she didn’t reply; she knows Kirstie had come to look for her. Amanda is angry with Steph. Steph goes back in to see Kirstie, who recognises her and is glad to see her. Amanda refuses to go in, saying she doesn’t want to share her mother, her birthday, or her face with anyone else. Steph comes out and tells her that she should go in as she may not get another chance. Amanda goes in to see Kirstie; she holds her hand and says it’s weird, like looking in a mirror. Steph and Amanda wait for Kirstie to come out of theatre. Holly doesn’t know if she’ll lose her leg or not, but tells them she should be OK.

Billy is also brought into A&E with cuts and bruises. He is shouting, and when Patrick tells him to shut up, Geoff yells at him. Billy runs off and into resus. Patrick pushes him out. Geoff is angry with Patrick for pushing Billy around. Patrick says it’s not the school’s or the police’s fault that Billy turned out the way he did, but Geoff’s, for not teaching him the difference between right and wrong. The police take Billy down to the station.

Amy leaves to go to her first rehearsal with the band. Barney has been teasing her about her voice, and upset her – she was nervous enough anyway.

Frank leaves the centre. The dealers arrive in their car. Frank runs for it. They follow in the car, and catch up with him. They open the car door, knocking him over, then get out a can of petrol and light a match.

The team are called into resusc to treat a young man who has full thickness burns to face and body, after being set alight. Max says he’ll call Frank on his mobile before he comes in. In resus, the mobile starts to ring. Sean finds it and answers it. Max recognises his voice and starts to realise what’s going on; he runs into resus to see Frank on the trolley.


– Kirstie Woods, breaks her leg after being hit by car, mistaken to be her identical twin Amanda Elliot

– Billy Peake, a boy that was driving the car that hit Kirstie, some cuts and bruises

– Leonard Huckerby, a man that build model boats as a hobby, blood under nail

– Sadie Cassidy, a girl that gives birth to a baby at home

– Frank Gallagher, Max’s son, brought in with bad burns

First Scene/words

[The ambulance stops outside a house.]

Man: She’s in the bathroom!

Penny: Mr Cassidy?

Man: Yeah, that’s right. She’s in the bathroom, but I can’t get her out.

Josh: Who’s in the bathroom?

Man: My daughter Sadie. She’s in pain, I can hear her.

Last Scene/words

[The mobile of the badly burnt patient in resus starts ringing and Sean picks it up.]

Sean: Hello, no it’s not…

Patrick: Sean!

Sean: What now?

Max (on the phone): Sean, what are you doing on Frank’s mobile?

Sean: Max….

Max: Frank….

[Max quickly runs from reception to resus and is just standing there, staring at Frank that is lying on the trolley.]

Max: Frank? Oh no…..

Review by Alison & Karin.

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