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HC Past Series

7.31 Losing Control – 17/5/05

Episode Summary

Diane worries about the coroner’s hearing into Dominic Fryer’s death. Owen tries to get her to talk about it but she snaps at him. He says they should go away for the weekend but she rushes off when her pager goes off and does not answer.

Diane tells Ric she is feeling under the weather and was nauseas this morning. Ric says that maybe she is pregnant and should do a test. Diane is taken aback but says she will. Diane tells Owen that during an operation her hand slipped and she cut the patient’s spleen. Owen tells her to go home but she brushes his concerns aside. She goes into the supply cupboard and takes a pregnancy test. Later, Diane tells Owen she has something to tell him but just says she has to work late today.

Chrissie has had a bad day and can sense Owen has things on his mind. She asks him to go for a drink and he is happy to go. Chrissie tells Owen about her rough time with a patient that died. Chrissie uses her patient’s love life as an analogy to talk about her and Owen. She tells him he should follow his heart and not stick with second best out of guilt. Owen gets up and says he is leaving. Chrissie asks if he is with second best right now, Owen pauses but does not reply and walks out. Owen goes into his office and sees Diane there, she says she needs to tell him something – she is pregnant. He is overjoyed!

Mubbs is grumpy and tells Matt off for his text-book bedside manner. He is hungover and not in the mood to look after the two students. Matt and Dean both fancy a patient’s daughter, Dean tries to flirt with her but Mubbs interrupts and tells him to get back to work. Matt notices that Mubbs has missed something in the diagnosis of a patient, Angie, who’s in labour. He tells Dean he needs help with a contact lens to get him out of the room to tell him his concerns – that he has seen a scar on Angie that would mean she could bleed to death if she gave birth naturally. Dean tells Mubbs what Matt has noticed and Mubbs reluctantly realises they are right and Angie is given a caesarean.

A woman, Josie, slips in the hospital grounds whilst chasing a hand bag thief. She has abdomen pains and needs surgery for an internal bleed. In theatre they discover she has endometriosis. Josie tells her partner she is more interested in a career than having children, which devestates him.

Steve Kinglsey, who has kidney disease is brought in after a heavy night out drinking. His only chance of survival is a kidney transplant. His girlfriend, Claire, asks his brother – who she used to go out with. He decides to go through with it for her, but Steve is at first ungrateful. Chrissie tries to make him see sense, but before the brothers get a chance to make peace, Steve falls unconscious and dies.


* Josie – endometriosis.

* Angie Hobday – placenta abruption. Has caesarean.

* Steve Kinglsey – dies of kidney failure.

Notable Facts

* Chrissie reveals Lisa is off sick.

* When someone says about Matt ‘He’s swallowed a text book’ – he tells them he has a photographic memory.

* Seeing Mubbs’ bad mood, Dean asks ‘Did I run over his tail?’

* On both fancying a patient’s daughgter, Matt says, ‘She couldn’t take her eyes off me!’. Dean retorts, ‘That’s because she hasn’t seen a leprechaun before!’

* Owen has started to become jealous of Diane’s close bond with Ric, ‘Would you be annoyed if it was Ric?’ he asks, when she tells him off.



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