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HC Past Series

7.16 Live and Let Die – 1/2/05

Episode Summary

Sean assists Ric on an operation and they get on well. He tells Jess that he has bonded with Ric and suggests they tells him about the baby before her bump starts to show. Jess agrees and asks Ric to dinner with them that night. However, treating an old couple that are truly in love makes Jess realise she does not love Sean. She tells him she does not feel the same way about him and that she needs space. Sean snaps, saying that he is fed up of her messing him around. He tells her to move out of his flat. Ric goes to collect Jess so they can go out for dinner. She tells him she has split up with Sean and asks if she can stay with him for a while. Ric wants to know what is going on and Jess crumbles – she tells him she is pregnant. Ric goes to walk out but when he sees Jess crying he comforts her.

A Health Minister is visiting the hospital that day and Connie wants everything to run smoothly. Lisa returns from her management course full of ideas. She wants to start an NHS mentoring scheme. Lisa asks Mickie is she wants to be mentored by her, Mickie agrees. Lisa tells Connie she will talk to the Minister about the mentoring scheme when he arrives. During an operation Connie complains to Will that Lisa is too ambitious and that she is going to mentoring Mickie. Will tells Connie that Mickie is bright and would make a good surgeon – she had considered going to medical school. Connie tells Lisa that Mickie’s aspirations are higher than ward management and therefore she will be mentoring her instead. Lisa is not amused.

There is friction between Mubbs and Mickie all day. She pesters him to talk about what happened last week. Finally, Mubbs snaps and takes her into his office. He screams that he is sick of being led on by women. Later Mickie tells Mubbs the reason she is not interested in him – she is gay.

Mubbs knows the Minister’s Assistant and they talk at the drinks reception that evening. They discuss their broken relationships and end up leaving early together.

A woman, Lucy is brought in to Maternity. She is pregnant and suffering from bowel cancer. After much difficulty she decides to have a termination so she can start chemotherapy and ease her pain.

Mr Streatham brings in his elderly wife is suffering from depression, which he had tried to treat without taking her to the doctor. She is admitted with wounds which look self inflicted.

Notable Facts

* Diane Parish plays Lucy

* John Burgess plays Mr Streatham.

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