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HC Past Series

7.14 Overload – 18/1/05

Episode Summary

Tricia brings Maggie into Holby in an ambulance. Maggie berates her for not allowing her to die at home.

Will tries to sneak into Holby through the picket line wearing a disguise. He bumps into Sean and Jess who are carrying bags of Jess’s things as she is planning to move into Sean’s after work. Throughout the day Sean tries his hardest to impress Ric while they are working together.

While treating Maggie, Connie and Will argue. Connie orders Will to her office, she tells him if he wants to keep his job he must apologise to the striking canteen workers. Will apologises to the canteen staff and they call off the strike. They mock him because of the newspaper reports of his aristocratic title, as does Connie when he informs her he has ended the strike.

Mickie tries to warn Jess that lying to Sean and pretending the baby is his will get her into trouble – Jess warns her to mind her own business.

Connie tells Maggie that the scans show the cancer has spread. Maggie begs Tricia to take her home to die but Tricia says she is too ill and begs her to take the drugs on offer at which point Maggie dies. Connie refuses to bring her back to life as Tricia begs her. Connie relents and as Chrissie and Tricia help, they all bring Maggie back to life.

Maggie begs Tricia to take her home to die but Tricia cannot, however, Tricia does agree to take her outside. Connie catches them and Tricia thinks she is going to berate them, but she gives them a bottle of champagne and watches on sadly.

Throughout the day Mubbs is in a mood over Rosie. He is working on a young couple whose baby is born early and disabled, this reminds him of Rosie and the baby. Mickie tries to comfort him, but he is not in the mood for company.

Donna tells Mickie that she has set her up a blind date for her with one of her lesbian friends. Mickie is not impressed and tells her she will set up her own dates.

Tricia says an emotional goodbye to Maggie who is unconscious as Chrissie has given her morphine. Maggie opens her eyes looks at Tricia and dies.

Jess looks increasingly disturbed every time Sean is nice to her or mentions the baby. Later Jess confesses to Donna that the baby is Zubin’s and she plans to come clean to Sean and her father Ric. Just as she is telling Ric, Connie stops them, and introduces them to the new head of anaesthetics – Zubin!

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