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Cas Series

S13 E22

S13 E22 (30 Jan 99) : Human Traffic by Jeff Povey

Episode Summary

Duffy tells Max that a new complaints log is already full. Max tells Charlie this and he tells the nurses to smile and be friendly. Duffy comments about the department closing; Charlie is surprised that Max has told her, saying it was supposed to be confidential. Duffy asks if he thinks her knowing makes it less confidential.

Chloe is worried that Tina will find out about her and Sean; she warns him to cool it a bit with Tina as he’s been too attentive. Tina is worried about Sean, as he’s given her flowers five days running. She later asks if they’re going anywhere tonight; Sean says he’s got other arrangements.

Mary Thorne is constantly complaining. She has injured her ankle and wants to get to a job interview. She moans about the amount of time she is kept waiting and objects to having her leg X-rayed. Sean insists on it but finds that her ankle is not broken. Mary leaves, saying she is going to make an official complaint. Sean later finds a cystic lesion below her knee on the X-ray; he did not spot it earlier because he was not looking for it. He shows Max who says it’s a tumour and calls her back in. When she finds out that without the X-ray if it hadn’t been spotted it could have spread quickly, she is grateful. She thanks Sean and kisses him on the cheek.

Simon Reynolds goes to meet his daughter Jen at the airport; Jen has been travelling the world and arrives with Aaron. They tell Simon that they are married, although they have only known each other for three months. Simon is upset. Aaron starts vomiting and Jen takes him to Holby A&E. He seems to be recovering. Simon arrives and says sorry to Jen; he says she and Aaron can live with him while they’re in the country. Aaron suddenly deteriorates and is taken to resusc. They find on an X-ray that he has swallowed four condoms full of drugs; one of them has burst and the drugs have got into his bloodstream. He dies. Max asks Jen if she knew about it and if she has done the same. She is still in shock from learning of Aaron’s death. She confesses to her father that she knew all about it; he tells her to deny it and not to say that she was married to Aaron, so that they’ll let her go. But she confesses to the police.

Christopher Allen goes to meet his wife’s brother at the airport. His wife Anna is Russian; she was a mail-order bride he found on the Internet. Christopher finds Andrei at the airport and drives him home. Andrei says he persuaded Anna to come and marry Christopher. Christopher realises that Andrei is not Anna’s brother; Andrei confesses that he is Anna’s ex-fiancé and says he has come to take her back. They argue and Christopher takes his eyes off the road. When he looks back there is a fox in the road; Christopher swerves to avoid it and crashes the car. They are both taken to A&E. Anna arrives; she is expecting her fiancé not her brother but does not know that Christopher knows who he is. Andrei wants Anna to go back to him but Anna makes it clear she loves Christopher, not him. But she is unsure as to whether Christopher loves her. She tells him she loves him but he does not say the same back. He wants them to act like a married couple but he is just pretending. Anna tells him she can’t carry on playing games. She goes back and says goodbye to Andrei; she says she is free now she has British citizenship. Christopher comes back to find her but she avoids him, telling Tina she’s leaving him.

Eve asks Charlie if there’s any chance of a job as an HCA for Marius, even though he has no work permit. Charlie says he can’t afford to take anyone on but tells her that the hospital cleaning firm is taking people on; he’ll have a word if she thinks Marius will be interested. Charlie does this and is successful; the cleaning firm will turn a blind eye to the lack of work permit. He tells Duffy to tell Eve if she sees him first. Duffy says that it’s obvious Eve is in love with Marius.

Sam tries to be supportive to Adam; Adam says he’s had enough lectures from his father, who’s disappointed that Adam can’t be a donor. Sam later asks Adam to come for a drink with him and Sunny; Adam agrees. After hearing about Christopher Allen’s mail-order bride, Sam and Sunny sneak into Charlie’s office and start looking for men and women on the Internet. At the end of the shift, Sam tells Adam that Sunny’s still on the Net; the last thing he typed in was “pornography” so they go without him as they would be in for a long wait. As they are about to leave, Adam thanks Sam for being there.


Mary Thorne – A sprained ankle, and later a more serious problem is identified.

Chris Allen – involved in a car crash, minor injuries.

Andrei Dimitriov – involved in the same car crash.

Aaron Wolf – dies.

First Scene/words

[A jogger is seen jogging in a quiet estate, past a man painting a fence.]

Last Scene/words

[Adam and Sam in reception, on their way home.]

Adam: Where’s Sunny?

Sam: Still on Charlie’s computer.

Adam: There’s going to be a serious phone bill. Are we going to wait for him?

Sam: Oh no no no, the last thing I saw him type was ‘pornography’, he’s going to be some time.

Adam: Sam…umm…thanks man.

Sam: What for?

Adam: Being there.

Guide by Alison.

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