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HC Past Series

S6 E01

s6e1S6 E1 (7 Oct 03) : Façade by Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope

Episode Summary

To everyone’s dismay, DI Archer returns to look into the recent suspicious death at Holby. Kath is increasingly paranoid, having been subject to two investigations in less than a year, but later Archer talks with her, saying that the past is the past and it will not affect this investigation. Ric makes no attempt at pleasantries and leaves Zubin to handle the detective. DI Archer has got professor Miller as her medical advisor and both Ric and Zubin know him from before – and neither of them seem to get on well him with. The result of the day’s investigations is a terrible blow for the “hospital of death”; an official police inquiry is being launched and everyone is under investigation.

Financially, however, things are looking up for Ric, who wins £9,000 on the races. But he carelessly blows the lot on the last race after not listening to Diane’s advice to stop gambling when he has already won that much. Jess cannot forgive her father for his recent behaviour at the party and gives him the cold shoulder. She also offends Nic by declaring that their kiss was just a drunken one-off. Ric also has to let Kelly down gently after their antics that evening, explaining that going out with people from work is not a good idea.

Ed is miserable when he hears that his father has been turned down for parole. He is paying a lawyer a fortune for trying to get him out of prison, after all he has already been there for seven years. He is also concerned that Chrissie and Owen are back together. Ed doesn’t want to see Chrissie hurt, and he advises her to think carefully. Tricia also seems worried about Chrissie’s relationships and gives her nasty remarks both about Owen and Ed, but Chrissie only says that she can have men as friends too – something Tricia says she must have got from her father, if that is the case. Later, Chrissie and Ed are humbled when, in the middle of their harmless banter about the strains of family life, Kelly reveals that both her parents are dead.

Madeline Sherwood is one of Ric’s private patients from the Hadlington’s. She is now, however, in severe pain because of her gallbladder and has to be taken into surgery at the hospital, in spite of her wanting to get it done at the Hadlington’s. Madeline’s husband, on the other hand, is more than happy about her not doing it privately and he finally admits that they are skint and cannot even afford to pay for their previous visits to the Hadlington’s, just that the hospital has not yet discovered that. During the operation Ric notices that Madeline’s condition has been caused by severe endometriosis and even though Owen removes some of of, she will need further surgery and possibly a hysterectomy. Madeline is complaining about everything: the pillows are not good enough, she wants her own room, she would get back into surgery in a couple of weeks and not half a year if she went private etc and she seems to want the next surgery to take place at the Hadlington’s. In the end her husband asks Ric if he will be able to do it private and not tell anyone at the Hadlington’s about them not having the money to pay for the surgery and Ric, who also has money problems, agrees.

Jackie Marlowe is in hospital for a bypass. The surgery, however, is not as straight forward as they had suspected. For a start Ed realises that she has had a sex change operation that was not in her notes and soon afterwards they realise that she has widespread cancer. They find out that the cancer has spread to her brain and that she will have only a couple of days left to live, at most. Ed contacts her son, who hurries into hospital, thinking it is about his mother and is shocked to find his father that he has not met for years, since the sex change, in the bed. He runs away but Ed manages to stop him by telling him that Jackie is going to die very soon. He agrees to stay and talk to Jackie and he tells her how much it hurt when Jackie left and that it was not the fact that she had a sex change that was the problem – the thing that hurt them the most was that she abandoned them completely. A while later Jackie dies.

Madeline Sherwood, has surgery for her gallbladder, but turns out to have endometriosis.

Jackie Marlowe has a heart bypass, but they find out she has got cancer and she dies soon afterwards

First Scene/words

Jess: Madeline Sherwood, severe abdominal pain.

Lisa: Hey Madeline. I’m Lisa, the ward sister.

Madeline: I’m in agony, can’t you give me anything?

Lisa: Sorry, no. We need to get you into a bed first and then get a surgeon to take a look at you.

Last Scene/words

DI Archer: I’m taking this lot back to the station. I’m going to talk it through with my colleagues and tomorrow opening an official inquiry.

Ric: I see.

Zubin: That’s good news.

Professor Miller: Now that it’s a police inquiry I can no longer speak to you so freely.

Ric: Why? Surely you’re gonna need the medical history.

DI Archer: Because from now on, gentlemen, you’re going to be investigated too.

[Rix and Zubin look at each other]

Guide by Karin.

Screencaps : S6 E1

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