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Cas Series

S15 E32

S15 E32 (31 Mar 01) : Heroes and Villains by Carolyn Sally Jones

Episode Summary

Penny arrives at work and is told that she has someone waiting to see her. she goes out and meets a man; Luke. He tells her that he is her brother – they share the same fatherl Luke has travelled to see her at work and they quickly get to know one another. She learns more about her father from Luke, including how she’s obviously got the same stubborn streak. Penny is called away on a shout; Luke gives her his number and asks her to call him.

Colette shows Andrew a tiny babygro she has bought for Duffy to give to her tonight; it’s her last day at work and they’re all going out for a couple of drinks to celebrate. Andrew tells Colette it will be a double celebration as Duffy has persuaded him to take the permanent position in Holby A&E.

Josh and Penny recieve a callout to a house but can’t get in, no one is answering the door. In the end they resort to breaking a window and climbing inside. They find a trail of blood on the carpet and follow it to the kitchen. There’s a man there, Ian Wilson, threatening to kill himself – he has a lighter and the room smells of petrol. They eventually manage to get him to hospital and when he speaks to a psyciatrist, he admits that he was trying to kill himself because he had just found out his son was not biologically his.

Ian’s son Ben is brought in. He has a renal condition and it has worsened. Ian says he can’t help him by offering a kidney transplant as he’s not his own son. The doctors tell him that this doesn’t matter and when he is tested it’s revealed that he is a suitable donor after all. Overjoyed, he shares the news with Ben.

Meanwhile, Dan entertains a retired consultant, Mr Edward Gutheridge, with the hope he’ll donate a generous sum of money to the department. After getting off on the wrong foot, problems are made worse when Patrick and the consultant clash over a patient diagnosis. Eventually Patrick realises that he needs the consultant’s skills and they successfully work on the patient together.

A 25-year-old woman, Tamara, comes into reception asking for pain relief. Jack tells her they can’t just give her some; she’ll have to see a Doctor. She does, but soon decides that it is taking too long and discharges herself. She is getting married later on in the day and the ceremony is to take place in the air – they’re going to skydive. However just before the jump, Tamara collapses with severe stomach pain. She is taken to hospital where Patrick grudgingly works alongside Mr Gutheridge to diagnose and treat her. They argue over both of these things but in the end Patrick is forced to admit that Mr Gutheridge’s experience is worth a lot. They find out they both come from Wakefield and have the same local up there.

Meanwhile, Colette is horrified to learn that a suicidal patient endangered Josh’s life. Gripped with emotion she has a go at the patient and tells him she could have lost someone special. Josh and Colette get closer…

Not so good for Anna who’s the victim of Barney and Jack’s initiation prank. Jack asks Barney what they usually do to initiate student nurses, then Chloe fills him in on what happened on her first day. Jack and Barney make some plans then find Anna – they tell her she is needed at a callout. The paramedics are in on the joke and take her to a far out location and tell her to run to a tree; the patient is behind it. They then drive away. Poor Anna is left to walk back to A&E in a flying squad uniform and full kit. She’s eventually rescued by a policeman who gives her a lift back She later meets up with him in the pub for a drink and has the last laugh.

It’s Duffy’s last day at work before she goes on maternity leave. She shows Andrew a picture in a magazine of rice pudding and says she’d love some. Andrew laughs at her, saying he thought the cravings were a thing of the past and reminds her of what she liked last time she was pregnant, exaggerating a bit. She asks him to guess what she’d like right now. He guesses peanut butter, and then gherkins. She tells him he’s right – both together. Armed with this information, Andrew asks Spencer to go out and buy them. It takes a couple of goes for Spencer to buy the right things – “This is smooth! Duffy likes crunchy!” but eventually he succeeds, and Andrew hides peanut butter and gherkin sandwiches in her locker, much to her joy when she finds them. It appears that Andrew and Duffy have worked out their differences – at least for now. They all go out for drinks after work.

At the pub, Mr Gutheridge tells Dan that he is going to give the money to the hospital if they’ll name the fund after his deceased wife. Dan says it would be a pleasure. Mr Gutheridge and Patrick also get in deep conversation about medicine – and Yorkshire. Later on, Patrick tells Dan that there should be no hard feelings about Holly. Dan says he didn’t know there were any, and that Patrick isn’t the only one to feel bad about the situation.

Excited but apprehensive about meeting her father, Penny is then devastated when she receives a letter from him, telling her he doesn’t want any contact. Colette and Josh share their first kiss outside the pub – but are intereupted by a tearful Penny, who Josh hugs.

First Scene/words

[A man in the carpark nearly runs Dan down, who isn’t looking where he’s going. Dan shouts at the man and tells him he has his registration number. Later we find out that the man is Mr Gutheridge, a retired consultant looking to donate money to the department.]

Last Scene/words

[The team are gathered in the pub]

Dan: Err excuse me everyone, now as you all know, today was the last day before Duffy’s maternity leave, so I’d to propose a toast….to babies! [He raises his glass.]

Duffy: What about mothers?

Andrew: Yeah – and fathers!

Spencer: What about the workers?

[Everyone cheers and raises their glasses]

Additional Information

Luke Hutchens – Christopher Colquhoun

Edward Gutheridge – Frank Thornton

Ian Wilson – Jonathan Magnati

Josie Wilson – Andrina Carroll

Ben Lewis – Lewis Reece

Tamara Harvey – Suzy Bloom

Dominic Hitchie – Yao Chin

Polly Tomlinson – Donna Berlin

Vicar – Philip Keiman

Dr Hammond – Burt Caesar

PC Williams – Craig Adams

Ross – Shane Leonidas

Guide by Alison.

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