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Cas Series

S15 E04

S15 E4 (7 Oct 00) : Too Tight to Mention by Suzie Smith

Episode Summary

Mel and Josh go to pick up a little girl, Rosie, who has hurt her arm. There are rats in and around the house and no running water. Claire, her mother, apologises for the mess.

Vivienne and her husband John run their own company selling heaters. The business isn’t doing very well and they have had to take out a loan. He leaves to go out on business. Vivienne also later leaves the office forgetting to pick her scarf of off the heater and it catches fire.John is having an affair with a woman called Louise he agrees to meet her at the office. When he gets back to the office he opens another door and the flames burst out at him. Penny and Finlay take him to hospital.

Its Frances’s birthday and James decides to take her to the opera. She gets a card from her granddaughter. She doesn’t speak to her daughter, Claire, anymore because she ran off with one of her work colleagues. James takes Frances to Clare’s house where they are told they are at the hospital.

Holly seems uneasy to talk about her dinner date with journalist Nick Costello. Charlie tells Duffy that Baz is leaving for Toronto in two days. Duffy helps Charlie out with childcare.

Charlie gets a phone call from the newspaper asking for information on an HIV+ nurse in the accident and emergency department. He asks Holly to explain what happened. Holly asks him not to say anything until she speaks to Nick. She tries to get hold of him but is unable to do so.

Whilst in hospital, Rosie is disappointed that Patrick isn’t George Clooney, he says he is his brother. Frances comes to see Rosie in hospital. Claire tells her mother to leave but she stays. Colette finds some bruising on Rosie and gets Patrick to check it over. Patrick finds out that Rosie has swallowed rat poison and her blood is not clotting properly. Claire and Frances continue to argue until Claire collapses. It turns out Claire also has a disease from the rats.

Vivienne comes to see John in hospital and Charlie mistakes her for Louise. She gets taken to John who is still in resus. Spencer goes in to move him into a cubicle and witnesses an argument between them. On the way out his bad of clothes falls of the bed with his mobile phone in it Vivienne stays behind and picks it up. The mobile rings and it is Louise. Vivienne is shocked and Spencer takes her to the relative’s room. She starts to cry and asks Spencer not to leave her. Spencer uneasily talks it through with her.

James urges Frances to talk to Claire. He goes up to the ward with Rosie and Frances stays with Claire. Frances finally tells Claire that she needs her and Claire agrees that she needs her mum too.

Reuben comes into the hospital he has superglued his hand to a toothbrush holder! Chloe and Adam have a few jokes at his expense while he is there.

Vivienne decides to leave John after another argument. The company was her father’s so is really hers; she will get the insurance money and John will be left to pay off the loan (which is in his name). She smiles at Spencer on the way out and dumps his mobile phone in the bin.

Nick checks himself into the hospital as ‘John Smith’ saying he has bruised ribs and had been in a car crash a few days before. Adam sees to Nick and then takes him up to x-ray. When he is back Holly goes into to see him, not knowing who he really is, she starts shouting at him for wasting there time and Nick finds out that it is Adam that is HIV+.

After much arguing Holly finally manages to persuade Nick not to do the story on Adam. John, who is in the next cubicle, overhears. He checks that Adam treated him when he first came in, then gets Adam to bring him a phone. He calls the Daily Herald.


Rosie – injured arm

John – involved in a fire

Reuben – a toothbrush holder superglued to his hand!

Claire – collapses in the hospital

First Scene/words

Duffy: Holly, Mrs Gibson, she fell down some stairs at home, she’s got a very painful hip but I don’t think there’s an NOF.

Holly: Alright, I’ll have a look at her in a minute.

Last Scene/words

[John is in his cubicle and has overheard about Adam being HIV+. He makes a phonecall.]

John: Hello? Yes – I wonder if you could give me the number for the Daily Herald, please…

Review by Alison

Notable Facts

* Carol Drinkwater plays Frances Lawson.

* Duncan Preston plays James Oliver.

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Screencaps : S15 E4

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