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HC Past Series

S6 E33

Episode Summary

As Tom, Zubin and Ric work to separate conjoined twins, Ed’s suspension is temporarily lifted to assist in the operation, when Will is needed elsewhere for a trauma case. They have got quite far with the separation when they realise that Bianca, the weaker one of the twins, has a defected heart and does not stand any chances of surviving on her own. Tom rushes to ask the parents what they want, but suggests that they go forward with the surgery anyway, because at this stage both would be likely to die if they did not go any further. The mother agrees that Tom should do what he thinks is for the best, and the twins are separated, causing Bianca to die, but the healthier twin seems to be recovering promisingly. The father, upset by the death, blames Tom for separating them without his consent, which infuriates Ric and Zubin because he had told them that both parents had agreed, but soon the father admits that it was for the best.

Ed and Chrissie’s statements conflict when both give evidence at Ed’s suspension hearing. Ed confirms that he did not turn off the dopamine, nor order Chrissie to do it for him. Both Tom and Ed try to convince Chrissie to keep to that story, but she refuses to lie for Ed. When talking to Tom, Chrissie admits that Ed sometimes scares her and Tom is shocked when Chrissie informs him of Ed’s murderous past. Tom admits that he might have been covering for Ed for too long and Chrissie makes her decision to tell the truth. When Ed realises that his career is over, he confronts Tom in front of Ric and Zubin. Ed punches Tom and is subsequently sacked, but he also he exposes their guilt over his father’s heart, telling Ric and Zubin how Tom moved George to the top of the organ transplant list and hid the fact that the donor had a virus, and walks out of the offic saying “And Tom, see you down the job centre!” on the way out.

Tom is told to leave Holby that night. Zubin reluctantly agrees to Ric’s decision not to take matters any further than that, but promises to look out for Tom so that he will not be able to ever do the same thing again at another hospital, to which Tom replies “Oh bite me”. Ed has a word with Chrissie when he is leaving, saying that he wishes he had treated her better. She admits that they would not have had a future together, no matter what. Tom tells Ric that he will be leaving his resignation first thing in the morning and Ric admits that Tom is one of the best surgeons he knows and suggests that he should not try any one-man crusades to try to change the rules of organ donation, but Tom refuses to change his opinion and leaves with the words “I might be a lot of things Ric, but I’m never boring. Am I?”

Meanwhile, it is Diane’s 30th birthday. When she finds out that Lisa is applying for Kath’s old job as a ward sister on Keller, a job that she also gets, Diane admits to Jess that she feels stuck and is not getting anywhere in her life. After work she goes for a quiet drink in the bar with Owen and explains how she feels that he life is running away from her without anything happening. Owen keeps flirting with her and, determined to do finally do something in life, she kisses him. Chrissie sees them kiss and is not too pleased, even though she tries to hide it by joking.

Ruth Manders is an older woman, who is brought in after falling down the stairs at home. They find out that she has some internal damages and take her to surgery, where Diane and Ric realise that she might also be suffering from cancer, but Owen tells them that what they have found is a lithopedia, or a ‘stone baby’ – a baby that once upon a time has died inside of her and slowly turned into stone. Ruth is shocked when she hears about it and so are her husband and adopted daughter, because they were not meant to be able to have children. Ruth reluctantly admits that she once, a long time ago, had an affair and in spite of Ruth’s fears, her husband decides to stay by her, admitting to his daughter that he has not been a model husband himself either, having always taken quite an interest in other men, explaining that was the reason they never had children.


Bianca and Amy, Siamese twins, who are being separated in surgery, but only Amy survives

Ruth Manders, an older woman, with internal injuries after falling over in the stairs

First Scene/words

[Tom is watching an operation shown on a screen outside theatre]

Tom: Let’s go and have a look at the real thing, shall we?

[He walks into theatre where Ric is operating]

Last Scene/words

[Owen kisses Diane on the cheek]

Owen: Happy Birthday.

Diane: Do you wanna get a proper one?

[They kiss properly]

Lisa: I guess what she’ll be getting for her birthday.

Chrissie: A rather small package. [they laugh] Anyway, she doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into.

Notable Facts

Mick Sheldon is played by Simon Chadwick.

Screencaps : S6 E33

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