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HC Past Series

7.32 Something in the Air – 24/5/05

Episode Summary

Owen and Diane are excited by their news, Owen cannot keep it to himself and tells Donna that Diane is pregnant. Chrissie is upset when she finds out from Donna and tells Owen she is angry with him for not telling her about the baby. She warns that things are still not right between Diane and Owen. He tells her that a baby changes everything.

Connie tells Diane that she has received funding for a prestigious research position and she wants Diane to apply. Owen asks Diane if she is going to take the research position, and he mentions that it is part time. Diane says she does not want to compromise her career for a baby and says she will turn the position down. Owen is hurt when Diane says she feels rushed and is unsure if she is ready to give up her career at all.

Zubin goes to the Dominic Fryer hearing. He argues with Connie outside who warns him that the hospitals reputation is on the line. Zubin gives his evidence and when asked why he left the operation he confesses that it was because he had personal issues with Ric. When pressed he says that the anaesthetic record was incomplete and he is not sure he made it clear verbally either.

Matt feels out of his depth as he treats wheelchair bound, Jemma, who has gone into labour. He notices her epidural has been pulled out and they take her into surgery for an emergency caesarean, where her baby girl is born.

Back at Holby, Zubin is still working under Dr Green. Zubin notices that there is something strange about patient, Les Brown’s oxygen supply. Les has just had an operation to remove a blood clot from his leg. He became poorly after failing to take his pills. Zubin rushes to speak to engineers who are clearing the oxygen tanks in the basement. Zubin discovers that the oxygen is being accidentally contaminated with nitrogen.

Dr Green is in an operation, giving patient Gemma increasing amounts of oxygen as her condition is deteriorating. Zubin bursts in and switches the supply – saving her life.

Later, Connie tells Zubin that the coroner has recorded a verdict of misadventure. She says that the trust will distant themselves from the incident and he is on his own. Zubin tells Jess he has lost the respect of everyone at work and has decided it is time to leave. Jess tries to talk him out of it and begs him to stay.

A woman, Joyce, suffering from rectal bleeding is brought in by her solicitor son, Adrian. Feeling a poor substitute for her since his father died, Adrian tries to get the best care for her by demanding Ric treat her. He then steals her CT scan to make Diane look incompetent. He apologises when he realises her put his mother’s health in jeopardy when the scan shows she has a tumour in her ovary.


* Jemma Fairbank – complicated labour ends with emergency caesarean.

* Joyce Henderson – ovary tumour.

* Les Brown – blood clot in artery of leg.

Notable Facts

* Dean is off sick.

* Diane is eight weeks pregnant.

* Ric tells Diane ‘You are the second most talented surgeon, you’re bound to be in demand!’

* Matt tells patient Jemma ‘I wasn’t really born to be wild!’

* Owen tells Chrissie ‘A baby changes everything’. Chrissie replies, ‘Yeah, but for how long?’

* Donna says she likes the names Stacey and Maddison for a girl.


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