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HC Past Series

7.33 Love, Life and Loss – 31/5/05

Episode Summary

It is a bank holiday and there is a staff shortage. Zubin and Connie clash over the shortage. Connie meets with the board over the Dominic Fryer incident and suggests that they ask for Zubin’s resignation. Later, Connie tells Zubin the board want to see him tomorrow and they will be asking for him to resign.

Diane is feeling sick at work, Owen tells Diane he wants her to slow down and that he earns enough for the both of them but Diane insists she wants to continue working. Diane goes into Ric’s office to do some paperwork, when suddenly she collapses in pain. Later, Chrissie finds Diane unconscious on the floor. Diane is rushed into theatre but she loses the baby. When she awakes Owen is by her side. He says he wishes she had not worked so hard, a heartbroken Diane tells Owen this is not her fault and that she really wanted this baby. She says that when she collapsed she had been filling out the forms for the research position as she had wanted to be able to spend more time with the baby. Diane tells Owen she would like some time alone.

Ric wants to repair his relationship with Jess and arranges to go shopping with her for the baby. At the end of her shift, Jess tells Zubin she has been thinking all day of reasons why they should not get back together but she cannot think of any – she wants them to give their relationship another chance. The happy couple decide to tell Ric their news but he is furious. He warns Jess that he knows Zubin better than her and he will let her down.

Mickie tells Connie she has decided she would like to apply for medical school, Connie is supportive.

Tim Webster saves his dead twin brother Matt’s wife Jill, when she is trapped in a fire in her house. Jill is admitted to Holby and the incident makes Tim realise he needs to tell her he is secretly in love with her. He confesses his feelings and he is overjoyed when she reciprocates them.

A couple, Lowri and Alan are brought in after an RTA. Lowri is 33 weeks pregnant, but Owen notices she has marks which do not tally with injuries from a crash. She admits that her husband beats her and her son caused the accident trying to protect her. As she goes into labour, Alan forces her into having a natural birth when Owen suggests a caesarean to be the better option under the circumstances. After tempers fray, Lowri tells her husband to leave and as her condition worsens a c-section is performed. She has a baby girl.


* Lowri Delaney – caesarean – has baby girl, following an RTA.

* Alan Delaney – injuries from RTA.

* Jill Webster – suffers short term psychological blindness after a house fire.

Notable Facts

* Gary Beadle (Paul Trueman in EastEnders) plays Tim Webster.

* Trying to persuade Diane to take it easy, Ric says ‘Superman can find a temporary Lois while the real Lois takes a break’. Diane replies ‘That’s a rubbish analogy!’

* When Connie is shocked to see Zubin performing emergency surgery, Zubin says ‘It’s unlike you not to get your knives out!’

* Michael says to Connie about Zubin ‘He likes to come out fighting’. Connie replies ‘As you know, so do I’.

* After fussing over Diane, Owen says ‘I thought you liked my caveman qualities’.


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