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HC Past Series

7.48 Great Expectations – 13/9/05

Episode Summary

Lisa and Mubbs arrive at work together – as a couple. Mubbs asks Lisa to move in with him and is delighted when she says yes. But Lisa is put out that he already expected her to agree.

Abra is at Holby with a Ghanaian patient, Ethel, who needs an operation. Ethel is surprised to be reunited with her dad but is enthusiastic about a new life with him. However he has not told his wife and other children about her and decides to leave whilst Ethel is being operated on.

A man, Les, is awaiting a heart transplant but Michael tells him he’s not a priority since he is still smoking heavily. Abra suggests giving him a second-hand heart from a patient, Joe, who is dying – Michael says it is too risky, but Abra goes behind his back anyway and asks Lisa to assist in the operation, which is a success. Les’ son is pushing him to change his will as he is worried Les’s estranged partner, Sheila, will inherit all of his money. Lisa overhears Sheila’s phonecall about getting a Power of Attorney to do just that and out of character tells Les what she heard.

Abra and Lisa get on well and he asks if she would like to come and work with him in Ghana, but Lisa says no because of Mubbs. Chrissie finds out about the operation and demands to speak to Lisa. As she reprimands her, Lisa snaps and says she is leaving for Ghana with Abra. Mubbs is heartbroken.

Elsewhere, Tricia’s mind is not on the job and she makes some clumsy mistakes. When she breaks down and confesses her secret to Diane, Diane says she must tell Mark and Chrissie.

Zubin and Ric are operating on a patient, Monica, who is a believer of alternative healing. She asks them to read out an affirmation after the operation. At first they make fun of the situation, but when she discovers they didn’t do it, she makes them do it again on camera for her to see.

Meanwhile, Jess is annoyed with Zubin when he has arranged for a nanny to look after baby Paris without running it by her.


* Ethel – stomach operation.

* Les Greenhalgh – hearttransplant.

* Monica Keppel – operation. requests alternative healing.

* Joe – dies after rejecting heart.

Notable Facts

* Adrian Edmonson plays Abra.

* Colin McFarlane plays Felix Kente.

* Chrissie celebrates her birthday in this episode.

* Zubin is embarrassed at having to read out the affirmation to Monica, which includes ‘When you wake up you will be comfortable and you will urinate easily.’

* Zubin tries to make light of the situation with comments like ‘When you wake up, you’ll think you’re a bunny rabbit!’ as Monica is unconscious.

* Michael is furious at Abra’s dismissal of authority, laid back Abra calls him ‘Mikey’.

* When Lisa tells Chrissie she’s going to Ghana, Chrissie asks, ‘Are you doing this out of spite?’. Lisa replied ‘No, I’m doing it to have a life!’.

* Agreeing to go to Ghana, Abra asks Lisa, ‘Excited?’. She says ‘Alive!’. To which he retorts ‘Good I can’t stand dead nurses!’

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